GTA 5 Finance and Felony DLC: How much money you need to buy all DLC vehicles, items and properties?

Prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the complete cost breakdown for buying all the Finance and Felony DLC items, vehicles and properties in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games has just released the most-awaited gameplay trailer for Finance and Felony DLC in GTA Online while the GTA community is abuzz with speculation on the net worth of new DLC items, cars and office properties put together.

Prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross tries to explain exactly how much in-game money you will need to buy everything in the latest DLC for GTA Online.

Based on Rockstar's teaser for the Finance and Felony DLC, Ross had estimated the net cost for the DLC items at around $10 million or $10m. However, the newly released gameplay trailer for Further Adventures in Finance and Felony suggests it could be the most expensive DLC that's ever been released in GTA Online.

As Ross explains, let's start with the cost estimate of the three super/sports cars shown in the trailer wherein the purchase and upgrade cost for these three cars will be somewhere around $10m.

Here is the breakdown of purchase expenses for the three cars:

The Reaper will cost around $2.5m to $3m while the Vapid and Grotti could be priced around $1.8m to $2m. So, the net worth of these cars on stock parts will be around $7m.

Furthermore, the complete customisation and engine component upgrades will set you back by another $1m for each of the three cars. So, you will be spending a total of $3m on upgrades.

Consequently, the net worth of fully-upgraded cars will sum up to $10m ($7m + $3m). Besides, there is every chance that only one of the three new DLC cars will be the fastest or the supercar, leaving out the other two in the sports category.

Avid car modders will have to think twice before investing their hard-earned money on these DLC cars as they have to choose the best among the lot, if not risk wasting money on unwanted stuff.

Moving on to other land vehicles, we have the new variant of Enus Windsor or the Cabrio convertible which will cost anywhere around $200,000 to $250,000.

In the armoured category, we are likely to see the Bravado Rumpo, a new variant of a Benefactor SUV and a heavy insurgent or armoured truck on steroids. The armoured truck is estimated to cost $1m while the armoured SUVs and Bravado put together could set you back by another $1m. Thereby, the land vehicles alone will cost you around $12m.

Next up in the list is a bunch of air vehicles including the new Swift variant of the helicopter ($1.5m to $2m) and the luxury passenger jet-plane ($3m to $4m).

So, the net worth of all the land and aerial vehicles put together will easily equal $15m to $20m (including full-upgrade and customisation costs).

Finally, the sole sea vehicle in the new DLC or the tug-boat appears to be a mission-based special vehicle. So, it is unlikely to be available for purchase.

Apart from the vehicle purchase cost, you will be required to pay up the monthly rental fees on your office buildings and warehouses or purchase them for a one-time price.

Although it is hard to put an estimate on the rental properties, each of these luxurious office buildings could cost you over $1m as they are located in prime locations of the game.

Similar to the eligibility criteria for becoming a VIP ($1m balance in the bank account), there could be some kind of one-time payment or eligibility fees for becoming a CEO for an organisation in GTA Online.

Quite surprisingly, there does not seem to be any new purchaseable costumes, weapons or clothing items for the forthcoming DLC, as Rockstar has kept it a secret without revealing anything specific about clothing in their recently released gameplay trailer for the Finance and Felony DLC.

Other miscellaneous expenses after you become the CEO of the organisation could include the cost of hiring an executive office assistant, office interior upgrades, safe boxes for stashing money and office armoury.