GTA 5 DLC: Tips and tricks to create topless Grotti X80 Proto and female half-shirt glitch

YouTuber MrBossFTW shares some intriguing tips and tricks with topless Grotti X80 Proto and female half-shirt glitch in GTA Online.

Avid GTA car modders are in for some special treat as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals some fascinating tips and tricks to remove the doors of Grotti X80 Proto for creating its topless version and the female half-shirt glitch using the new Grotti T-shirt in GTA Online. As Ross explains in his latest gameplay video, there is a nifty-little trick to remove the Grotti X80's doors to make it topless without compromising on the car's functionality or performance.

How to create topless variant of Grotti X80 Proto

Here are the prerequisites for creating the topless variant of Grotti X80 Proto:

  • Buy a Grotti X80 Proto which costs you a staggering $2.7m.
  • Go to your nearest clothing store in Los Santos such as the Ponsonbys or the Suburban.
  • Just stand outside the clothing store and open up the in-game interaction menu.
  • Now scroll and select the remote control option for opening the Vehicle Doors and choose the option "All" to open all the doors at once. Tip #1: You can also remove the tail door on the X80's back using this trick.
  • Once all the vehicle doors are open, just close the interaction menu and enter the clothing store.
  • Now change your outfit with some random ones from the store's front desk. You might ideally go with the casual T-shirt and cargo pants along with a cap and a shawl as depicted in the video (below).
  • You can now step out of the clothing store. Voila! You can now notice that the doors on the car have disappeared.
  • Well, that's one cool way of creating the topless version for your Grotti X80 Proto without actually forcing the removal of doors that could damage the vehicle parts or reduce its engine performance.
  • Tip #2: Your Grotti X80 will now sport the T-rooftop without doors which looks both stylish and exotic, besides giving you the added benefit of quicker entry and exit as well as better drive-by shooting capabilities.
  • Tip #3: Taking your car to Los Santos Customs (LSC) or your apartment garage will re-spawn the missing doors for free. So, that is a cool glitch that you could try on your new Grotti X80 supercar.
  • Tip #4: Some YouTubers and veteran GTA Online gamers have also suggested that if you leave the X80's doors open and run it under an underpass or a narrow bridge then the doors will come off from its hinges. However, this method could cause dents, scratches and bumps on the sides of your car.

New glitch with Grotti Owners Club T-shirt

Moving on to the new glitch with the Grotti Owners Club T-shirt, this only works with the female characters in the game.

Tip #5: If some of you have your second in-game character as a female, you could use it for performing this trick.

Here's how you do it:

  • Put on the Grotti T-shirt or the Grotti special top, and then wear an open jacket or an open overcoat (basically anything that's not buttoned up or zipped) like the Brown Cashmere on it.
  • You will notice that your Grotti T-shirt is now cut in half and gives a weird yet stunning look when worn along with some jeans-like open jacket.

Let us know what you think about these cool new tricks in the comments section below. Also, please share any other tricks that you have come across in the game, following the release of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update in GTA Online.