GTA 5 Biker DLC update imminent: New biker garage upgrades, gang contacts and more revealed

Prolific GTA tipster Funmw2 reveals some exciting details about the forthcoming Biker DLC update in GTA Online.

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has revealed some intriguing details about the forthcoming Biker DLC update in GTA Online based on the info provided by prolific GTA tipster Funmw2 via GTA forums. The tipster has unearthed some interesting info pertaining to the upcoming DLC via Rockstar's decompiled scripts from the Cunning Stunts update.

Here is what Funmw2 posted on GTA forums regarding the leaked DLC info:

"Hello, so I thought R* will stop doing stupid sh*t like adding scripts planned for the future but they actually did it with Cunning Stunts. You know what I always do, checking decompiled scripts and stuff. This time I found new empty scripts hinted for future update."

Check out the screenshot (below) depicting the leaked decompiled-script from Rockstar's source code in Cunning Stunts update:

As you can see in the leaked script, there are a few references made to the multiplayer (mp) personal-mod garage and some biker deals as well as a mission contact. Furthermore, Funmw2 clarifies that the term "gb" in the script refers to CEO or VIP Work Missions or some new status to the SecuroServ system.

As far as the rest of the lines in the script are concerned, it is evident that we will soon get a Biker DLC update with modding capability through garages as well as the ability to own the sixth property in GTA Online. As Ross notes, it is still unclear what kind of theme Rockstar could introduce with the Biker update in GTA 5.

We just have to wait and see if the new GTA 5 update will get us new race bikes or sports bikes or some cruise bikes like Harley Davidson. If the past is any indication, we are likely to see a similar theme as in 'The Lost and Damned' DLC from GTA 4.

In Ross' own words, here is the complete breakdown of the leaked DLC script:

  • The first line in the script points to a personal mod-garage which could double-up as a new warehouse to export cars or something to do with modifying the garage or updating it with a biker-theme twist. There is also a possibility that we could see the use of workbench tools inside the garage, which was kept passive until now.
  • If the new Biker DLC paves the way for modding vehicles through personal garage, then it would eliminate the need for Benny's Original Motor Works and Los Santos Customs shop.
  • On the contrary, personal mods could be restricted to custom-paint jobs and tunable upgrades or just cosmetic changes that only modify the looks of the vehicle.
  • Furthermore, the existing garages might get an overhaul or upgrade as new mod tools will take their place inside the garage, and this could also signal the arrival of sixth purchaseable-property in the game as avid GTA Online players would crave for more space to store their newly-acquired bikes.
  • As far as the Biker gang missions are concerned, the Biker DLC could add a new dimension to the CEO missions as biker gangs or teams could offer the backup transport or firearms support whenever any drug deals go wrong.
  • There is also a mention of biker initiation, which could hint at joining a new biker crew in the game or enrolling into a bodyguard profile similar to an associate or CEO role in an organisation. In addition, we could see a new biker mode called "jousting" from the medieval horse-combat theme.
  • Then we have something relating to rescuing contact, which could be some kind of a hostage-rescue mission wherein you serve as the backup team assigned with saving a high-value candidate from a rival gang.
  • The bikers on receiving the backup request could summon a slamvan into the conflict zone and try overpowering the rival gangs with some advanced weapons and explosives.
  • Finally, there seems to be the concept of export or selling bikes for some handsome rewards or cash in the game like you do with the Simian missions.

Curious gamers who want to dig deeper into the leaked details, may try exploring for these hidden DLC files as seen in the screenshot below:

Meanwhile, veterans of the GTA community have confimed that these files have been in the game ever since the previous DLC came out in GTA Online. So, it seems Rockstar could have silently been working on the Biker update for several months as it does with any major DLC in GTA 5.

Funmw2 has also pointed out that he found a new vehicle hash file, which is not in the list of vehicles released for Cunning Stunts DLC.

Hence, it is imperative that the vehicle code "0x21FCAEF6" belongs to an upcoming DLC vehicle or probably part of the cut-content from Cunning Stunts that never got released.

In related news, Rockstar has proposed to launch the New Stunt Race creator on 2 August, which could pave the way for a solid platform to release the Biker DLC in GTA Online.