Aliens implanting nano-chips to control human activities, claims investigative documentary


Jeremy Corbell, an independent documentary filmmaker who investigates alien activities has sensationally claimed that aliens are implanting nanochip-like objects on human bodies to control earthly activities.

In his documentary, 'Patient Seventeen', Jeremy Corbell reveals that a micro-object which uses nanotechnology which emits possible electromagnetic radiation has been implanted in the body of people by aliens from deep space, and he even adds that a doctor named Roger Leir had removed implants from sixteen people.

In the documentary, Jeremy Corbell details the experiences of the seventeenth patient. The man whose name has been kept under the wraps reveals that he never realized about the tiny object which was implanted on his leg. The man believes that the chip was implanted in his body after an alien encounter.

The documentary also shows the patient's surgery, and doctor Roger Leir was seen removing a chip-like object from the body of the man. Dr Leir strongly believes that the metal used to make the nanochip does not belong to the earth.

Scientists like Steve Colbern and Steve Cooper also studied the metal used to build the nanochip. Both the scientists strongly assured that the chances of this object's earthly origin are very unlikely.

"There is nothing I can imagine that could explain why this man, Patient Seventeen would have a witch's brew of elements within a sample embedded in his leg. This is the most astounding array of elements in a simple sample I've ever seen," said Steve Cooper, Daily Star reports.

The documentary is now the hottest point of debate among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. Conspiracy theorists allege that aliens have been visiting earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and space agencies like NASA are well aware of their existence. These theorists believe that nanochips are being implanted in human bodies to control their mind. Some people allege that aliens are also conducting weather-controlling experiments on earth.

This article was first published on August 6, 2018
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