GRAPHIC Video Shows Kneeling Afghan Police Chief Being Machine-Gunned By Taliban

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A shocking video has surfaced on the internet showing a man kneeling -- handcuffed and blindfolded -- encircled by Taliban militants who go on to shoot him several times. The blindfolded man has been identified as General Haji Mullah Achakzai, the chief of Badghis Province near Herat.

According to reports, the police chief was detained by the Taliban militants after they seized the Badghis area, near the Turkmenistan border of Afghanistan.

The video clip, which is extremely violent and gory, was reshared by Nasrin Nawa, former BBC Persia journalist, from the feed of @PanjshirProvince, which is believed to be of a resistance group to the Taliban.

"Haji Mullah, Police chief of Badghis province executed by #Taliban. This is their public amnesty!" Nasrin wrote, after giving a content warning for strong graphics.

Taliban Hacks Afghan Intelligence Database

According to the Daily Mail reports, Gen. Achakzai was an experienced fighter in the extended war between the terrorist group and the Afghan forces.

"The Taliban targeted Achakzai because he was a senior intelligence official. He was surrounded by the Taliban and had no choice but to surrender last night", Nasser Waziri, Afghan security adviser, told the Newsweek.

Police chief in Badghis province was executed by Taliban
Haji Mullah Achakzai, Police chief in Badghis province was executed by Taliban on Wednesday night. Achakzai right before he was shot dead(in the left), Achakzai on-duty in his police uniform(in the right)

Waziri told that an online private group chat was formed by the Afghan authorities for the officials who worked for the government. It included governors, local authorities, police officers, and consultants. The purpose of this group chat was to ensure the safety of these officials. They also had a knowledge of Taliban's "target list", Waziri said.

However, after seizing the biometric devices from the Afghan forces, Taliban was able to hack the database and access all the available information of government officials. According to reports, militants have also arrested the governor and police chief of Laghman Province near Jalalabad, while a district governor of Nurstin province has been hiding in Kabul.

"Afghanistan now has limited internet service and all banks are closed now as some areas do not have access to food," Waziri said.

Taliban Search for War Supporters

Ever since recapturing Afghanistan, the Taliban have vowed to form a new form of government that assured respect for freedom, equality, and basic human rights. Their lies stood exposed as they executed people openly during the atrocity that has been taking place for over a month.

According to Human rights group Amnesty International, Taliban fighters shot six men in Mundarakht village of Malistan last month. Three were brutally tortured to death where one of them was strangled and his arms were sliced off by the warlords. Nine ethnic Hazara men were also murdered in the Ghazni province, the group revealed.

Afghanistan's new leaders have proved with these massacres that they were as bloodthirsty and tyrannical as their repressive jihadists from 20 years ago.

Armed Taliban fighters took over Afghanistan's Presidential Palace. Twitter

According to the UK Times report, one of the family members of a journalist, who worked for German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, was shot dead by the militants while they were looking for the reporter.

Despite their constant declarations that they're a new organization, the Taliban have intensified their quest for those who were associated with U.S. forces and were supporting them in the war against the terrorist group.

They are strolling the cities, going door-to-door threatening families and relatives of allies and civil servants who were working for the U.S., U.K., and Nato, according to a confidential report submitted to the UN.