Graphic Footage Shows Queens Woman Getting Crushed Between Cars by Stolen Truck as Horrified Daughter Shouts 'Mommy Mommy!'

A Queens mother, identified as Florence Ngwu, is struggling with life threatening injuries after she was crushed between parked cars by the driver of a stolen truck in at 167th Street and 120th Avenue in South Jamaica on Sunday morning. The graphic footage shows the woman's daughter screaming as her mother gets crushed.

The police found the Ford F-550 truck was found abandoned on 108th Ave. and 164th Place.

queens woman
Footage shows woman getting crushed between parked cars. Twitter

Driver Rammed into Vehicles Parked in the Street

The footage recorded shows the truck trying to enter the street where several cars are seen parked. "Oh my God. That car is hitting all these cars, bro. That white car? Oh my God," the person recording the video is heard saying. The victim, along with a man, is seen standing on the side of the truck near a car.

Suddenly, the driver slams his truck into the parked vehicles while trying to escape. The impact causes the cars to collide with each other in turn crush the victim. "Oh my goodness, no!" the onlooker is heard shouting as the woman gets crushed between parked cars while her daughter and the man fall to the ground. As the daughter shouts "Mommy, Mommy" the truck is seen peeling off the scene.

The Daily News reported that police sources described the driver as a Black man wearing a black sweatshirt and gray carpenter pants. He was last seen running west on 108th St. after abandoning the truck.

Victim Worked as a Nurse

The New York Post reported that two hours before the tragic incident, the vehicle had been reported stolen by the Elmurst-based construction company. The heavy-duty truck had the words Pawar Builders written on its door.

Following the tragedy on Mother's Day, the 49-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital where her condition was described as critical owing to multiple injuries including the head trauma.

The victim, identified as Florence Ngwu by her relatives is a mother -of-four. Hailing from Nigeria, Ngwu works as a nurse at a nursing home called Silver Crest, the outlet reported.

Speaking to The Post, Ngwu's niece, Nnenna B, said that the doctors have told them that they don't want to give us false hope. "They came to my uncle and said it's up to him what he wants to happen now because we saw what she looked like and we could see for ourselves that things are looking terrible," she said.