Graphic Footage Shows 6-Foot-6-Inch Black Student Knocking Teacher Unconscious and Bloodied After She Confiscates His Nintendo Switch

A graphic video showing a 6-foot-6-inch black student beating a female teacher unconscious in the school corridor has gone viral on social media. The 17-year-old was upset after the teacher confiscated his Nintendo Switch device. The incident took place inside Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida.

Florida student

Student Repeatedly Knocked Down Teacher

The disturbing video shows the victim walking down holding a black jacket in her hand when suddenly she turns around to see the 270 pound student following her. She tries to escape when he suddenly flings her into the air before landing on the floor unconscious.

This does not stop the student from moving ahead and repeatedly stomping and punching the unconscious teacher. Seconds later a staff member and students rush to the victim's aid as they try to pull away the huge attacker.

Wesh TV reported that the attacker was a special needs student who also started to spit on the teacher aide and threatened to kill her when he returned.

Dubbing the incident as shocking Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said that the assault could have been a homicide. "When you push people down like that, they hit their head, you never know the outcome. Fortunately, other students and other faculty members, administrators came and intervened," Staly said.

The student is facing a felony aggravated battery charge and possible school discipline, including expulsion, the outlet reported.

Social Media Demands Strict Action Against Violent Teen

Another video shows the teen's arrest following the assault. He is seen sitting on a chair inside a classroom when a cop asks him to get up and turn around before placing him in handcuffs. "The student stated that he was upset with the victim because she took his Nintendo Switch away during class," police said in a statement.

The outlet further reported that the teen got violent while he was being processed by the cops. After he failed to get answers despite repeatedly asking when he was going to be released, the 17-year-old started kicking a desk and became violent.

The incident left many social media users demanding a strict punishment for the violent teen.

"He's not a threat." A teacher at Matanzas High School in Florida was brutally attacked by a 6'6, 270lbs 17-year old student because she took away his Nintendo Switch away from him. Now "mental health advocates" are defending the student," tweeted a user.

"Toss his ass in jail.. lose the key," wrote another.