Grand Rapids Police Wrongly Arrest Black McDonald's Employee Because He 'Fit the Description' of Suspect in Nearby Robbery [VIDEO]

The black man was a McDonald's employee who was collecting his paycheque from the restaurant when he was arrested by the police because he "fit the description" of a suspect in a robbery that was reported nearby.

On Sept. 3, the Grand Rapids Police Department arrested a Black man in the parking lot of a McDonalds moments in a video that has sparked outrage on social media.

The man, identified as Isaiah, was an employee at the McDonald's and had come to pick up his paycheque when he was arrested by the police.

Isaiah was at Work When the Robbery was Reported

Grand Rapids Police Department
The video that is being widely circulated on social media. Instagram

The video, recorded from inside the McDonald's, shows Isaiah surrounded by GRPD officers with their guns drawn at him as employees can be heard telling the police that Isaiah worked at the restaurant.

The woman filming tells the officers that he was at work at the time the robbery was reported. "He just came in here to get his check, he's been in his job for two hours," says the woman through the window of the store. "And they talk about somebody just robbed the building 30 minutes ago—he's been in this building for two hours."

The woman then urges Isaiah to follow the officers' orders to avoid getting shot. Towards the end of the 7-minute video, Isaiah is seen on his knees, trying to reason with the police. He tries to lift his shirt, seemingly in an attempt to show that he is not carrying anything on him. At this point, bystanders ask him to "just lay down" and stay still.

He lies on the ground on his chest as his co-workers advise him not to move. One officer then comes out with a K-9 from one side, and a group of other officers starts marching towards him from the other side, prompting screams from the bystanders. "What the f*ck is wrong with you?" bystanders are heard yelling at the officers. Watch the full video below:

Isaiah Charged with Destruction of Police Property, Attempted Assault/Resisting of a Police Officer

According to TikTok activist @alytheactivist, said in the video that Isaiah was stopped by police because he "fit the description" of a suspect in a robber that was reported nearby.

Despite the managers confirming his presence at work during the time of the robbery, "the Grand Rapids Police Department decided to hold him at gunpoint and arrest him," she said in the video. She added that he was made to stay in the jail overnight and charged with misdemeanor and felony.

According to court records obtained by FOX 17, Isaiah was arrested for malicious destruction of police property and attempted assault/resisting of a police officer.

GRPD Release Statement

The Grand Rapids Police Department released the following statement in the wake of the incident:

"GRPD responded to a call of a burglary in progress at a neighboring building. While checking the area officers observed a subject matching the suspect description. Contact was made and the subject was not cooperative, which resulted in his arrest. The investigation is ongoing.

"We understand that sometimes bystanders may be upset or concerned about a police contact, but that is not the time to engage or interfere with the officers. That could easily lead to someone getting hurt. GRPD officers will always listen to those who have information in order to ensure appropriate action is taken, but only once the scene is safe."