Grab these paid apps while they are free!

Here are some free iOS apps of the day that you might want to get now!

Apple's App Store is offering tonnes of free iOS apps today. From selfie apps to online games, you get several options. Here are some free iOS apps of the day that you might want to get now!

One Moment Selfie

Turn your life into a visual diary through this photo diary app. With One Moment Selfie, you will be able to compile your best and most unforgettable moments. You can transform your still images into movie clips or GIF. Download it here.


This to-do list and task manager app lets you keep track of your daily errands. Tasse is designed to help you stay focus on your priorities and maximise productivity. Download it here.

Colossatron: Massive World Threat

From the creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride comes another masterpiece. In the game world that is almost always dominated by protagonists, Colossatron: Massive World Threat makes you the villain. Download it here.

Pay All Apart

You are on a trip with friends to relax but sharing costs wrecks your day. Pay All Apart is all you need! It helps you calculate how much each person in a group should pay. Download it here.

Face It

This camera selfie app is able to automatically detect your face. Capture your selfie, proceed to Smart Edit and share it on your social media handles in an instant. Download it here.

Moto Hero

Motor Hero is an exhilarating biking game. It's easy to play yet very unique from other biking games. You have to use the movement of your phone to control the bike and touch the screen to accelerate, brake and jump. Download it here.