If you've been looking to buy the Apple AirPods 2 and can't quite wait for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to begin, right now seems to be the best time to go ahead and click that buy button. The 2019 Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging case are currently available at an all-time low price of $159.99 on Amazon and B&H. That's a full $40 down from the regular retail price of $199.99.

The current discounted price on Amazon and B&H is the cheapest price for Apple's second-generation wireless earbuds so far since the usual discounted price for the AirPods with wireless charging case during sale is around $164.99 to $169.99.

Meanwhile, the regular AirPods 2 which come with standard charging case do not seem to have got the same concession in price. However, they have gone as low as $125 in the past (as recently in last month). The AirPods 2 with wireless charging case are currently in-stock and buyers in the US can also avail free shipping at Amazon. The discount is only available for a limited time, although we can expect to see it run through the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale as well.

Apple AirPods Black Friday Deals:

The AirPods 2 with wireless charging case are already available at $159.99 on both Amazon and B&H, ahead of Black Friday sale. And that seems to be the lowest that they can get (meanwhile, Apple.com still has them at $199.99). However, we can expect to see some price drops on the regular AirPods 2 which are not yet on discount, since we have seen them go for $125 last month.

We can expect them to go even further down, maybe even as low as $99.99, but that's asking for too much. However, that's could be a possibility considering that Apple just recently launched the AirPods Pro and it's only natural for the prices of the AirPods 2 to come down. Apple could also give the AirPods 2 some decent price drops to distinguish the new AirPods Pro as the more advanced and newer model.

There could also be enticing offers by some carriers and online marketplaces if you are buying the AirPods along with an iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch. We could also see some discounts on AirPods accessories such as carrying cases and AirPods clips as we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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