Gov. Kathy Hochul Confronted by Agitated Mourner at NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller's Wake as Crowd Applauds While She Leaves [WATCH]

The man appears to be delivering a stern talking to, though the conversation is not audible, as he gestures at her.

Gov. Kathy Hochul was filmed being confronted by an emotional mourner as she left a brief visit to the wake of slain NYPD hero Jonathan Diller on Friday afternoon, with bystanders applauding as she left. The unidentified man, dressed in a black suit, was visibly agitated and gestured firmly as he spoke to the Democratic lawmaker, according to footage of the incident.

The New York Governor was reportedly also told off by the cop's mourning widow. Hochul was scheduled to pay her respects on the second day of viewings for Diller, a New York Police Department officer who was reportedly shot and killed by suspect Guy Rivera, 34, on Monday.

Embarrassment for Hochul

Kathy Hochul
Kathy Hochul seen being confronted by a mourner X

As Hochul arrived at the funeral home on Friday, a man from the crowd reportedly shouted, "Get her outta here," according to law enforcement sources cited by the New York Post.

In a video shared on social media by Fox News, Hochul can be seen being confronted by an unidentified man outside the Long Island funeral home. The man appears to be delivering a stern talking to, though the conversation is not audible, as he gestures at her.

The tense clash garnered support from a group of onlookers gathered outside the venue, who applauded the mourner as the blank-faced governor made her way back to her car.

Hochul, who had previously asked the NYPD, the NYPD Police Benevolent Association, and the Nassau County Police Benevolent Association about attending, arrived at the Massapequa Funeral Home on Long Island for the second day of viewing at around 1:45 p.m.

During the emotional event, Hochul had an "animated" conversation with Stephanie, the 29-year-old widow of Diller, according to one witness who spoke to the outlet.

Jonathan Diller
Jonathan Diller X

"[It looked] like she was telling [Hochul] off," they said of the tense exchange. "It didn't look like the widow had a kind word to say."

The individual claimed that Hochul left immediately after the conversation. However, another source contradicted this account, saying that they saw the governor having a "short, respectful conversation" with the devastated family.

"She greeted the family members, then walked out," they told The Post, noting that she was inside for "10 to 15 minutes."

"It was a brief respectful visit. She was not asked to leave," the source told the outlet

Hochul Unwelcome

It was initially believed that the governor was asked to leave, which was seen as a reflection of the frosty reception she received as a leader. Sources indicated that Hochul discussed "policy" with the grieving family. Progressive policies, including bail reform, have been blamed for Diller's tragic death.

Kathy Hochul
Kathy Hochul Twitter

Hochul's brief visit came one day after former President Donald Trump paid his respects during the first day of viewings, where he stayed for roughly 40 minutes.

Trump, a real estate mogul, told The New York Post that he was invited to the wake by the family. He spent time talking to Stephanie and even met their young son, Ryan.

Trump referred to the murdered cop as a "great officer, top of his class."

Guy Rivera
Guy Rivera X

"I said something has to come out of it, and the only thing that you could really think that could come out of it is we get stronger and tougher so this doesn't keep happening," he told The Post of his conversation with Stephanie.

In the days following Diller's killing, Hochul has come under fire as the figure associated with controversial bail reform, which law enforcement has blamed for an increase in recidivism.

Despite her efforts to roll back the reforms, Hochul has been unsuccessful in cutting down the changes that many argue lead to violent criminals being released onto the streets, posing risks to both law enforcement and everyday New Yorkers.

The prime suspect in Diller's murder, 34-year-old Guy Rivera, has a record of at least 21 prior arrests and served a five-year prison sentence.

Jonathan Diller
Jonathan Diller with his son X

At the time of the shooting, Rivera was seated in a Kia driven by Lindy Jones, 41, who had previously been convicted of attempted murder but was released on $75,000 bail for an illegal gun charge last spring.

Mayor Eric Adams, a former NYPD captain, criticized Albany for its lackadaisical approach to bail reform and recidivism during a somber press conference on Tuesday. "What's interesting is that our practices, laws and policies are not going after these issues," Hizzoner said.

"We've always had a problem with recidivism, it's always been a problem but we've really never zeroed in on it with case after case," he told reporters.