Google's Task Mate Explained: Get Referral Code to Start Earning from Search-Engine Giant in Kenya, India

Google has come up with one more product called Task Mate. This gives an opportunity for people to earn money by completing assigned tasks to them from the company. It is currently being tested in Kenya and India.

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What is Task Mate?

Task Mate is a platform where people will be asked to complete simple tasks by businesses around the world. The tasks might be as simple as taking part in a survey or translating sentences to your local language from English. The users can take up the tasks as per their tastes and there would not be a time frame to finish it.

Is it Similar to Google Opinion Rewards?

The answer is yes. The American multinational company has a similar product where it engages users by asking them to take surveys. It has been paying the users through rewards, but Task Mate will pay the people in local currency.

People will be paid once the company approves their completed tasks."You will be paid in local currency for the tasks that you complete accurately and you will need an account with a third party payments processor. When you're ready to cash out, simply register your e-wallet or account with our payment partner in our app, then visit your profile page and hit the "cash-out" button. You can then withdraw your earnings in your local currency," Google describes about the payment procedure.

However, the catch is not everyone will get the opportunity to complete the tasks and only people with referral codes can work during this testing phase.

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Why India and Kenya chosen for the testing period?

Although the company has not revealed the reason behind choosing the two countries for the testing phase, going by speculations it might be because the India and Keny are the two good cost-effective options compared to the developed countries for Google.

However, there are still plenty of questions which are lingering in people's minds.

How to get the referral code? How much am I going to be paid for successful completion? How does it benefit Google? We have to wait some more time to get answers to these questions.