Google Play Store sale: Paid Android apps to get free of charge

Play Store sale - Free Android apps
Samsung Care/YouTube

Google offers tonnes of Android apps that you can get for free. In this list are premium, which means they come at a price. However, you can now download them at no cost for a limited time only.

Camera Fun Pro (US$0.99)

Camera Fun Point is a point-and-shoot photo effects lens. Just point your Android camera and see live photo effects on the screen before you click a picture--no fuss, no muss, and no guessing how your pictures will turn out.

Download Camera Fun Pro for Android from the Play Store.

Traffic Director (US$0.99)

Traffic Director is a simple casual game. You are in charge to control the traffic in 20 different city maps. Guide more than a hundred cars through a map by switching the traffic lights at the right moment. Watch out for police cars and VIP cars.

Download Traffic Director for iOS from the Play Store.

VR Video Player (US$2.49)

VR Video Player allows you to watch any videos of any format in VR or in 2D mode. You can also play 4K high-resolution videos. It supports formats like flat, mono 360, stereo 360, mono 180, stereo 180, and more.

Download VR Video Player for Android from the Play Store.

Fivey (US$0.99)

Fivey is an app that consists of the 5,000 most common Spanish words. Each flashcard includes one Spanish word and one expression. Click on the card to see the translation. No internet connection is required.

Download Fivey for Android from the Play Store.

Personal Vault Pro (US$2.49)

Personal Vault is your one-stop record and password manager that allows you to easily navigate through a labyrinth of increasing accounts, passwords, and other personal information.

Download Personal Vault Pro for Android from the Play Store.

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