Google Pixel phones facing LTE band 4 connectivity issues in US, possibly other bands across the world

Google Pixel phones face connectivity issues with LTE band 4 after suffering Bluetooth pairing issues with cars.

Google Pixel - Bluetooth connectivity problems
Google Pixel - LTE connectivity problems

Google's Pixel phones have yet again come under scrutiny as numerous users have been allegedly complaining about unexpected connectivity issues with device's LTE band 4 in North and South America. Earlier, we heard news of some Pixel phones leading to Bluetooth pairing issues with cars, particularly those running on Google's newest Android 7.1 update.

It is now ascertained that the LTE connectivity issue is redundant with some select regions and operators wherein the subscribers have access to a single LTE signal in their native mobile network. Several users have reportedly taken to Google Product Forums in their bid to find a viable solution for the widespread issue on their flagship phones.

Meanwhile, Pixel users in other countries across the globe have randomly reported incidents with LTE connectivity issues, albeit on other bands.

Folks at Android Police reiterate that the LTE band 4 is currently the source of most complaints across the US while there are unconfirmed reports of the issue persisting on other LTE bands.

Quite strangely, it is confirmed via Twitter that T-Mobile users have been unable to reproduce the band 4 connectivity problem, whatsoever. There is still no clue about the root cause of this problem, although it is evident that the issue is isolated to specific Pixel phones running on select band 4 networks.

Google is yet to respond to this incident while one affected customer tried talking to a Google Support representative who said that the company was aware of the problem and actively working to release an update to fix it.

As always, the support team's words should be taken with a pinch of salt as they often try consoling the customers to arrive at a temporary resolution.