Google Pixel and Android 7.1 allegedly having Bluetooth pairing issues with cars

Google's Pixel phone is allegedly facing connectivity problems while pairing with the Bluetooth device on the car.

Google Pixel - Bluetooth connectivity problems
Google Pixel - Bluetooth connectivity problems

Google's flagship Pixel phone is allegedly facing problems while pairing via Bluetooth in many cars. It is not yet clear if this is a software issue with the Android 7.1 update or something to do with the buggy hardware.

It may be recalled that the Nexus phones running Marshmallow had faced a similar feat back in 2015. Google has acknowledged the problem and is currently examining the same.

Although some Pixel owners are able to connect via Bluetooth and listen to streamed audio songs, they are experiencing frequent Bluetooth disconnects and failed calls. A few others were reportedly able to connect, but the device would struggle to maintain the connection or drop off for no apparent reason.

In related news, Nexus phone owners have complained that the preview release of Android 7.1 is causing similar problems on their device. It is yet to be ascertained if the latest Nougat update indeed has some inherent bug.

Although the Bluetooth connectivity problems cannot be isolated to a particular model of a car, the cars manufactured by General Motors (GM) are seemingly more vulnerable to the pairing issue, reports Android Police.

Several affected users have started flooding complaints about the Bluetooth pairing problem via the Pixel support community while Google has acknowledged their concerns and hinted at releasing a software fix in the forthcoming updates for the handset.