Google launches unified job search engine

Google has gone beyond a search engine because beginning today it is launching the new job search feature.

Google has gone beyond a search engine because beginning today it is launching the new job search feature. Right through Google's search box, job seekers can look for jobs on LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and more in one place.

Google has inked partnerships with the world's biggest online job boards to bring job vacancies right on the search engine's platform. Since it is a unified job search platform, it makes it easier for job seekers to look for their next careers.

Google partners include Facebook, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, WayUp, Monster, DirectEmployers, and more. Search results will also include companies with job listings on their homepage.

Available in English on the desktop and mobile devices, seekers can type in a niche keyword and relevant search results will be delivered. Seekers can filter and refine results according to location, years of experience, date posted, and more.

Clicking through a specific listing will give seekers a peek of the company's Glassdoor and Indeed ratings. Upon getting results, notifications can be turned on for immediate alerts of new job postings.

Google's product manager Nick Zakrasek told TechCrunch: "Finding a job is like dating. Each person has a unique set of preferences and it only takes one person to fill this job".

Once the desired listing is clicked, Google will direct seekers to the job site where they will start the actual application process. There are companies who have the same job postings to different boards. Google uses artificial intelligence in its algorithm to filter duplicate entries so seekers would not waste so much energy applying to different postings of similar employers.

Google will only show the site with the most comprehensive details about a particular job listing. In a statement, a Google representative said: "We hope this will act as an incentive for sites to share all the pertinent details in their listings for job seekers".

Google has clarified that it has no intentions to directly compete with CareerBuilder, Monster, and similar sites. Zakrasek said, "We want to do what we do best: search. We want the players in the ecosystem to be more successful".

Monster's chief technology officer Conal Thompson resonates: "Google's new job search product aligns with our core strategy and will allow candidates to explore jobs from across the web and refine search criteria to meet their unique needs".

CareerBuilder chief executive Matt Fegusson also echoes Google's vision: "We saw a big opportunity to increase exposure for our clients' jobs and today we stand as one of Google's biggest suppliers of jobs content. Google has enormous reach and excellent search capabilities, so why not leverage these strengths for the benefit of our clients?"