Google could be fined $9B in EU's antitrust case

Google is reported to face the EU in the following weeks for an antitrust charge which could settle for a record-high fine of US$9 billion.

google vs. eu

Google is reported to face the EU grounds in the following weeks for an antitrust case. Of what is considered to be a historic case, the search giant has been seen with a record-high fine of US$9 billion.

USD$9 billion in fine

According to the AFP, a source familiar with the matter told the media conglomerate on a condition of anonymity that the Internet titan will be facing the EU court this summer in relation to a case that it has been facing. The fine could reach as much as US$9 billion, roughly 10 percent of Google's reported overall revenue in 2016.

Another source said told the AFP, "The commission's radio silence in the past months means that it is approaching the decision".

Targeting US firms

Belgium is accusing Google of giving its own online shopping services the favourable top spots in search results against its competition. McDonald's, Amazon, Apple, Intel, and Starbucks among other American companies, have faced a similar case in the EU, to which the US accused the EU of targeting American companies.

In August 2016, European Commission for competition chief Margrethe Vestager released a decision demanding Apple to pay Ireland a whopping EUR 13 billion in back taxes. In 2009, Intel was fined EUR 1.06 billion for illegal monopoly practices.

Amicable settlement

According to similar sources, Google has made an effort to amicably settle the charge with Belgium but to no avail. Google's AdSense advertising and Android also have impending cases in the European Union.

The case started in 2010 when company rivals accused Google of putting on top priority in search results in its online shopping services. Google, however, has been silent about the issue since.

This article was first published on June 19, 2017