Google Earth locates UFO 'made with alien' technology [VIDEO]

Alleged UFO spotted above Florida Aerospace company Screengrab from YouTube/secureteam10

An analysis conducted on Google Earth by conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam10' has located an alien shaped UFO above a Florida aerospace company. The video uploaded by the channel claims that there is no such flying object which has been publicly declared.

The eerie video features two arrow-shaped aircrafts parked on the floor in separate areas in West Palm Beach, Florida. According to the narrator of the video, these weird-structured spacecraft is parked outside an aerospace company named 'Pratt & Whitney', which develops aircrafts for military and civilian projects. The video suggests that the aerospace company might be involved in a secret project with the United States Air Force.

"It does not look like a public aircraft that has ever been disclosed. It resembles a hypersonic craft or spacecraft of some type. Is it a UFO? Are these objects a secret prototype?", asks the conspiracy theory channel.

The video has now gone viral on social media platforms, and as of now, it has garnered more than 400,000 views. Most of the viewers who watched this video have lauded the YouTube channel for disclosing this secret project.

As the video went viral, renowned conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring wrote that the aircraft might have built with alien technology.

"This is alien tech in the US military's hands. This spacecraft, located at a top-secret airport, was found on Google Earth and shows a diamond stealth craft built for high-speed flight," wrote Waring, reports Express UK.

He also added that the newly found craft has some similarities with X-47B but made it clear that this is undoubtedly a whole new evolution of the craft.

Even though the video has convinced the fans of 'Secureteam10', some critics believe that this new finding is not a UFO, but a high-speeding jet boat.

"It looks like a powerboat. I live next to the ocean, seen this shape before and it is next to swamp land and water," commented a YouTube user named Jamie Lynn.

This article was first published on January 11, 2018