Google Area 120 business incubator's first app on Play Store is pure fun

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger converts the voice message into text in real-time.

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger app

The first app from Google's Area 120 business incubator has hit the Play Store and it's the super cool Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger app.

Last year Google opened a startup incubator called Area 120, which was designed for the Google employees to use some of their discretionary time to start up their own companies. Uptime was the first app that came out from the Area 120, but unfortunately it was only limited to the iPhone users. Now Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger is here and it's rolling out in the Android Play Store.

This new messenger brings together voice messaging and emojis.

After the user signs up with the Google account he/she can invite other friends to join the app.

It's super easy to use, as the users just have to press the microphone button and say the message out loud. Almost in real-time, Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger converts the voice message into text, reports 9to5Google.

But the best part is not that, the remarkable feature of this app is that it can detect if a word can be represented with an emoji . Once it detects that a word can be replaced by an emoji and it makes sense, it just does that – replaces a word with an emoji.

It is not an issue, if you are not that fluent with emojis and don't understand their meaning. The integrated voice recording feature supplements the text, so that one can understand exactly what the emoji means. Check out the app's description in the screenshot below:


To know more you can visit the app's website or download it for free from the Google Play Store. Additionally, the messenger is available on the Apple App Store, making cross-platform communication possible.