The Good Place's star Manny Jacinto gets engaged with actress Dianne Doan

The actor who won hearts with his role as Jason Mendoza in NBC's The Good Place said that he recently proposed Doan

Millions of hearts might get broken as Manny Jacinto, The Good Place, star is very much in a stable romantic relationship with actress Dianne Doan.

Manny Jacinto got inspiration from the Janet-Jason relationship

The actor who won hearts with his role as Jason Mendoza in NBC's The Good Place said that he recently proposed Doan, after getting inspired from Janet-Jason relation on the show. The couple, who hail from Canada, also appeared on the same episode of Once Upon a Time.

Talking about the romantic proposal, Jacinto said: "I had these canvas things written down with a message saying why the places were important to us. At every location I had her close her eyes, I'd hold up the canvas, and she would open her eyes."

He further went on to say that when they got to the final location the actor proposed to her lady love in front of their family members and she said yes.

Jacinto talked about his character Jason

Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto
Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto Golden Globe Awards Instagram

Talking about his character, Jason on the show, Jacinto stated that Jason is not the typical stereotype hardworking Asian and further added, "It should also be noted that Jason's cultural background is hardly mentioned on The Good Place. In fact, Jason's affiliation with Jacksonville, Florida, is talked about much more often than his Filipino heritage, which helps fight the media stereotype that Asian-Americans are perpetual "foreigners."

Jacinto, a graduate in civil engineering from British Columbia in Canada, made his debut in Once Upon a Time in 2013. After doing a series of small roles in shows like Supernatural, The 100, and iZombie. Jacinto got a major role in Canadian series, The Romeo Section, in 2015. It is reported that the 42-year-old actor would also be seen in Tom Cruise's forthcoming outing Top Gun- Maverick, scheduled for 2020 release.

Jacinto appeared with Jane Fonda

Recently the Twitterati went crazy after Jacinto appeared along with actress and activist Jane Fonda to support her cause towards climate change, in Washington D.C.

Here is how the fans reacted:

"listen i know what madame fonda is saying is vastly important but i cannot stop gawking at manny jacinto with his messy hair and glasses," wrote a fan

"I know we all knew that Manny Jacinto looks like that but did we KNOW," wrote a twitter user.

"(he wasn't arrested but) now I understand why @KenTremendous made Jason Mendoza such an airhead; it's because if he'd put Manny Jacinto in glasses on TV no one would have been able to pay necessary attention to @nbcthegoodplace's plot," read another tweet.