Good news for cheese lovers! Your favourite food reduces health risk, says study

According to the new study published in European Journal of nutrition having cheese does not have an effect on lower health risk or increase rate of heart disease.

Cheese is often regarded as bad for one's skin as it has 100 calories per ounce. But now, all cheese lovers will be excited to hear that devouring little amount of cheese does not affect your health. According to the new study, having cheese decreases the rate of heart disease. It has fewer chances of causing stroke in people who eat cheese than those who dislike it.

Researchers from Netherlands and China went back to 15 previous studies, comprising 20,000 participants. It proved that having cheese as part of their diet would decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, and stroke. As a control measure, most of the people participating didn't have cardiovascular disease at the beginning of the study.

The study, published in European Journal of Nutrition, found out that compared to non–cheese eaters, regular cheese consumers had 14% less risk of coronary heart disease and 10% less risk of stroke. But the catch is that none of the studies mention that consuming pizza in large quantity is healthy.

"This is not the same as eating a big slice of cheese pizza every day", said Dr. Allan Stewart, director of aortic surgery at Ichann School of medicine, to Time Magazine. He also cautioned others to be wary of self-reported data and not to underestimate or overdo consumption of cheese but did confirm that cheese has its own benefits and could give more of good cholesterol over bad cholesterol.

The studies also confirm that cheese is a good source of diary vitamins, minerals, and proteins, all of which help to control the level of cholesterol in the body. Still, too much is too bad. Likewise, overeating cheese might lead to health complications.