Daily health tips: 7 ways to stay healthy and fit

Check out seven ways to help you stay fit and healthy.

fresh body

Who doesn't want to stay fit and healthy? If your mind and body are not at ease, it's hard to pay attention to any work you do.Simply working out and exercising may not keep one healthy and fresh as one needs to get sufficient rest ,consume nutritious food and maintain some healthy habits every day to maintain a fit body.

Here are seven ways to help you stay fit and healthy.

 Sleep for at least 7-8 hours

Sleep deprivation shrinks your brain

Most of us have a habit of sleeping late at night due to some or the other work. It has been clinically proven that our body require enough amount of rest to naturally balance the hormones in our body.

One should get atleast 7-8 hours of good night's sleep in order to restore and revitalize, to grow muscle, repair tissue, and synthesize hormones.

 Exercise every day for 30 minutes


Doing exercise before you move out of home actually helps you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Doing exercise daily removes most of the harmful substances in the form of sweats.It also helps activate all the cells and improves metabolism in the body.

 Brush your teeth twice daily

Brush teeth twice daily

It is true that nobody wants to come near people with bad breath. Not just that but maintaining a good dental hygiene is important as it help you to have a nice looking smile,brighter and whiter looking teeth, fresh breath and positive vibes as well.

They are a vital part in preventing gum disease and lowers the risk of tooth loss and dental complications.

A healthy mouth also reduces one's risk for many diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's,lung infections,kidney problems, cancer and may more.

It is safe to brush your teeth atleast two times a day to keep your mouth healthy.

 Never skip your breakfast

hearty breakfast

According to health experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it fuels you up and prepares you for the day. It provides energy, nutrients and keeps you active rhroughout the day. However, if you skip the first meal of the day, you tend to feel lazy, tired and irritable.

 Drink lots and lots of water

Drink water

Water is the most convenient solution more most of the complications in the body. Water not only keeps you dehydrated but also has multiple health benefits as well.

It helps relieve stress, energises your body, helps in weight loss, flushes out toxins, improves skin complexion, boosts immune system, prevents cramps and sprains and many more.

According to the health authorities, we should drink eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon everyday.

 Eat more fresh fruits and vegetable every day

Singapore vegetable market
A man shops at a vegetables and fruits shop in Singapore. Reuters

Foods which are rich in minerals, vitamins,fiber and anti-oxidants are fundamental for the body to funcion well.

Fruits and vegetables help the body to protect against chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. It also keeps you fresh and healthy throughout the day.

 Wear fresh clothes

Wear warm cloth

Wearing the same shirt or pants may give you bad feelings thus leading to less confidence in the workplace or anywhere else . However, wearing fresh or new clothes boost your confidence and helps you feel fresh as well.

Dirty clothes can attract microorganisms, and wearing clothes with these microorganisms on them can lead to skin infections. Body odor are produced due to the bacteria and fungi found on the cloth.

It is always advisable to change your clothes after every two days.