Good Casting Episodes 7 and 8 Recap; Episode 9 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

Good Casting episodes 7 and 8 revealed the real identity of international criminal Michael Lee and his rivalry with Baek Chan Mi; read on to know more about it.

Good Casting episode 7 introduced the rivalry between National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent Baek Chan Mi and NIS Chief Seo Kook Hwan. In chapter 8, the television drama explained how they became rivals while featuring the various challenges faced by Im Ye Eun and Hwang Mi Soon as NIS agents. Viewers will probably get to know the outcome of this rivalry in episode 9.

SBS will air the ninth episode of the comedy thriller on Monday, May 25, at 9.40 p.m KST. This chapter will also focus on the struggles of CEO Yoon Seok Ho and rising star Kang Woo Won. The upcoming episode may even show team leader Dong Gwan Soo, his assistant Bae Moo Hyeok, and research head of Il Kwang HiTech in significant roles.

A Quick Recap of Good Casting episode 7

The seventh episode of the comedy thriller began by featuring a fight scene between NIS agents and illegal international traders. In between the showdown, Chan Mi removed the belt bomb from Pi Cheol Woong's body and threw it outside. An illegal trader lost his life in the bomb explosion, and Cheol Woong became mentally ill.

NIS agents planned their next mission. Their next target was the research head of IlKwang HiTech Ok Cheol. Mi Soon led the mission in association with Chan Mi and Ye Eun. They hacked his phone to find his connection with international criminal Michael Lee. The NIS agents got Lee's number, and tried to track him. Towards the end of episode 7, Kook Hwan appeared onscreen as Lee.

Good Casting
Stills of Good Casting episode 7 SBS

Good Casting Episode 8 Recap

The eighth episode of the mini-series helped viewers understand the role played by the NIS chief in illegal international trade. Chan Mi became his prime target. He appointed a secret agent to track her whereabouts. The agent followed her everywhere and reported all her moves to the chief. Though she noticed the person, she did not succeed in defeating him.

In the meantime, Cheol secretly watched Ye Eun on his phone. He found out that she tried to hack his phone. He also came to know about the people who killed his friend. He decided to avenge the death of his friend by killing Ye Eun and her daughter Kwon So Hee. At the end of episode 8, Cheol kidnapped the secret agent and her daughter.

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Stills of Good Casting episode 8 SBS

What to Expect in Good Casting Episode 9 and How to Watch it Live Online

The upcoming episode will show Chan Mi confronting Kook Hwan for tracking her whereabouts. This chapter will also show Gwan Soo informing the team about the end of their mission. The announcement may surprise Chan Mi and her friends. They could still track the whereabouts of Lee secretly.

The ninth episode will also reveal the savior of Ye Eun and her daughter. It could be Woo Won, and the incident may make him closer to the secret agent. To know more about the episode, Korean drama lovers around the world can watch the mini-series on SBS Monday, May 22, at 9.40 pm KST. The official website of SBS will also broadcast this chapter live online.