Good Casting episode 1 recap, premiere review; episode 2 spoilers and live stream details

Good Casting has opened to rave reviews from the audience and viewers are eagerly waiting for episode 2 to know more about the three secret agents.

New SBS crime thriller Good Casting has received positive reviews from Korean drama lovers world-wide and the mini-series also recorded double digit viewership ratings just after the premiere episode. The television drama will be back with episode 2 tonight, April 28, at 9.40pm KST and will focus on Choi Gang Hee as secret agent Baek Chan Mi.

The mini-series follows three female secret agents in the National Intelligence Service (NIS) as they go undercover to capture a wanted criminal named Lee Michael. All the three agents have an unpleasant connection with the criminal and they are determined to capture him. The team is lead by two senior officers from NIS and one of them could be a traitor.

A quick recap of Good Casting episode 1

The television drama began with a crime scene that featured the betrayal of a team member and then, it introduced viewers to NIS officers Seo Kook Hwan, Bae Moo Hyeok and Geum Dong Seok as they were holding a discussion about various ways to get hold of the wanted criminal. In between the conference scene, viewers were also introduced to the three special NIS agents, who are going to work undercover for capturing Lee Michael.

Two of the female agents -- Baek Chan Mi (Choi Gang Hee) and Hwang Mi Soon (Kim Ji Young)— were a part of a previous operation against the wanted criminal. As a rookie agent, Yoo In Young (Im Ye Eun), is not very familiar with the field work and she doesn't know much about the criminal. But a flashback scene revealed that her husband was shot died by Lee Micheal.

Check out some of the audience reviews about Good Casting below

The first episode was good. I'm looking forward to the next one.

I totally enjoyed the first episode! It was a good introduction to our three main characters and I can't wait to see them working together! I look forward to watch the next episode.

The day Ye Eun find out how Chan Mi was there with Min Seok and left him to chase the bad guy.

Really love Choi Kang Hee badass action scenes and I can see Yoo In Young as a timid IT specialist, not the evil character. Can't wait to see and know more of Kim Ji Young. Look forward for next episode.

Just watched 1st episode of Good Casting and I'm crying my eyes out.

The crime thriller drama created a new history in viewership ratings of Monday-Tuesday dramas by recording 12.3 percent nationwide ratings for its premiere episode. The mini-series also recorded 14.3 percent ratings in its most watched minutes.

Good Casting
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Good Casting episode 2 spoilers and live stream details

The crime thriller will be back with a new episode on SBS this Tuesday, April 28, at 9.40pm KST. Episode 2 will feature the three female secret agents on duty and will also introduce Lee Sang Yeob as CEO Yoon Seok Ho to viewers. U-KISS member Jun will also appear in the second episode of the mini-series as rookie actor Kang Woo Won.

People in Korea can watch the second episode of the drama on SBS this Tuesday at 9.40 pm KST. The premiere will also be available to stream online on the official website of the broadcasting channel. But Korean drama lovers from other parts of the world, including the non-Korean speaking population, will have to watch the mini-series on various streaming sites.

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