Nobody Knows episode 16 (finale) recap; season 2 predictions

Detective Cha Young Jin now knows why Baek Sang Ho killed Choi Soo Jung and she also got a chance to hear the last words of her friend in Nobody Knows finale

Nobody Knows successfully completed its 16 episodes run on Tuesday, April 21, with an all-time high television rating. The finale primarily focussed on the ill-fated relationship between detective Cha Young Jin and her rival Baek Sang Ho. Now, if there is anything the followers of this crime thriller series are eager to know, it is about the renewal of this renewal.

Episode 16 began with a flashback scene between Ko Eun Ho and the detective, wherein the detective narrated the story of her friend, Choi Soo Jung, to the 15-year-old boy. Then, the drama shifted its focus to Jang Ki Ho, who decided to risk his life for finding out all the evidence against Baek Sang Ho.

The pastor left the apartment provided by the police department after leaving a letter for the detective. In the letter, he thanked Cha Young Jin for all her help and then, promised her that he will get back to her with the evidence against Beak Sang Ho.

In the meantime, Baek Sang Ho planned his next evil move against Cha Young Jin. He went to the hospital and attacked the police men on duty. He also hurt Lee Sun Woo before abducting Ko Eun ho. Though Lee Sun Woo tried his best to help the boy, he could not stop the evil man.

An unpleasant meeting between Cha Young Jin and Baek Sang Ho

Nobody Knows
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When Cha Young Jin heard about Ko Eun Ho's abduction from Lee Sun Woo, she quickly contacted Baek Sang Ho and he instructed her to meet him personally at his hotel. The detective knew that her rival has set a trap for her in the Millennium Hotel. So, she was prepared for an attack from any of his friends and it was Go Hee Dong who attacked her.

Though it did not take much time for her to take things under control, Cha Young Jin was surprised to see Baek Sang Ho holding Choi Soo Jung's phone. When the evil man told her that he has recorded the final words of her friend on the phone, the detective was desperate to hear them and he played the audio clip.

And, these were the last few words of Cha Young Jin's friend Choi Soo Jung:

Cha Young Jin...Like you said I'm angry and frustrated that this will be the last moment of my life. So, I decided to think about happy and fun memories only. You are also part of them.

The detective was also curious to know why he decided to kill her friend instead of her. For which, he told that Choi Soo Jung had many friends, but she was the only friend of Cha Young Jin. If he had killed Cha Young Jin, it would not have made any difference in the life of Choi Soo Jung and he was sure that Cha Young Jin will be deeply hurt to learn about her only friend's death.

After revealing the truth to Cha Young Jin, Baek Sang Ho was hoping to be killed by her. However, she chose to send him behind bars and take a break from her professional life. In the meantime, Jang Ki Ho managed to find the evidence against Baek Sang Ho, which he gave to the detective. The pastor also had a pleasant meeting with Ko Eun Ho towards the end of the drama.

Will SBS renew Nobody Knows for another season?

Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows is a Korean drama. SBS

It was one of the most loved television dramas of this year with an average of more than seven percentage viewership rating for every episode. A good television rating always increased the chance of a show's renewal in the TV world. It is also worth noting that the drama wrapped-up its story with an open ending and it leaves the writers with enormous opportunities to explore the relationship between Cha Young Jin and Ko Eun Ho.

However, it remains to be seen if SBS will renew the crime thriller for another season and if they do say, will the same cast members reprise their roles in the next season?