Gong Yoo's health in danger? Goblin star's agency responds to reports

Gong Yoo's agency has denied reports that he is unwell.

Gong Yoo
Gong Yoo is not having health problems Facebook/OfficialGongYoo

Gong Yoo's agency has responded to rumours regarding the actor's health. The Goblin star was reported to be unwell.

Soop Entertainment rubbished the reports regarding his health. The firm said in a statement: "The reports about Gong Yoo's health is false. It's true that he's been tired lately wrapping up filming [for Goblin], but he does not have any severe health issues at all. Chinese fans showed concerns and wrote on SNS that Gong Yoo does not look too well. A Chinese media outlet then reported about Gong Yoo's health issues, but currently, he's doing his best to film Goblin."

Yoo is considered to be one of the most sought after actor in the South Korean entertainment industry. In 2016, he starred in three well-received films including A Man and A Woman, Train to Busan and The Age of Shadows.

During an interview, he talked about his hugely successful year. He said: "I've been lucky this year. Although it's been tiring, the reason I'm happy is that everything was 100 percent my choice. All three films were ones that I jumped at first because I wanted to do them."

Yoo added: "I wonder if this isn't the busiest and hottest time of my fifteen-year career as an actor. This kind of moment might never come again. [I'm getting through it because] even though it's difficult and tiring, I'm keeping in mind that this might never happen again."

With all the fame and glory, the 37-year-old actor honestly admitted he sometimes feels lonely. He said: "Although we're always standing in front of the public and receiving their love, being an actor seems to be a lonely job. I'm getting through it wisely. I'm usually tough on myself, but sometimes I'll say to myself, 'You've done a good job getting through it all.'"