Lee Min Ho 10th debut anniversary: Big plans for the day revealed

Lee Min Ho will be holding a special fan meet event to celebrate his 10th anniversary.

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho Reuters

Lee Min Ho will be holding a special fan meet event to celebrate his 10th debut anniversary.

According to Tour Tainment, as cited by Yibada, there will a special meet-and-greet event to mark the special day which is titled as, The Originality of Lee Min Ho.

The special events will be held at the Grand Peace Hall, Kyung Hee University on 18 February at 6:00 PM (KST) and 19 February at 4:00 PM (KST), respectively.

At the fan meeting, The Legend of the Blue Sea star is reportedly expected to unveil that side of the actor which his fans are not quite aware of. The meeting is expected to have many fun interactions, performances and stage games.

Tour Tainment just released The Originality of Lee Min Ho's promotional poster on Facebook. The tickets for the mentioned fan meeting is priced from $300 to $800.

Min Ho solidified his position in Korean drama with his powerful acting and action skills which is loved by all. In a recent interview, martial arts director Yan Gil Young praised Min Ho for his hard work and dedication. Yan said: "It's not just in Spain, but also places like the tea fields and the abandoned building."

He further added: "It's all because of him that the action scenes were possible, and it's also thanks to him that the viewers have been giving rave reviews." It was also reported that Lee Min Ho is the mood-maker on the set.

This article was first published on January 11, 2017