Gold-plated Donald Trump iPhone 7 now available [Photo]

Gold plated iPhone 7 featuring the face of newly elected US President Donald Trump now available for $3000.

Donald Trump iPhone 7
Gold plated Donald Trump iPhone 7 now available [Photo] Caviar

iPhone enthusiasts and Donald Trump fans are in for some exciting news as the gold-plated version of the iPhone 7 is now available for purchase at 197,000 rubles or roughly USD $3000 via the Russian custom-phone maker, Caviar. The gold-plated iPhone 7 carries Trump's face, name and campaign slogan that reads, "Make America Great Again" on the phone's rear panel.

Here is the complete product description for the new Donald Trump-themed iPhone 7 created by Caviar:

"Smartphone design is a composition coated with gold and embodied in the form of a volume of engravings depicting the portrait of Trump and the emblem of the United States, as well as the slogan with which Trump won: "Make America Great Again" ( "Let's make America great again").

"This phone is - an expression of hope for a rapprochement between Russia and the United States and that of the benevolent words Trump of Russia will follow the actions that will lead to a change in relations between the great powers for the better."

Caviar is a celebrated custom iPhone maker who has also created several engraved Apple Watches in honour of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Lenin, and Peter the Great.