Goblin's character doll sets record sales in Korea and overseas

'Boglegel' was modeled after the lead character of the said drama, Kim Shin which was played by Gong Yoo.

Gong Yoo
Actor Gong Yoo in 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

The craze of the K-drama 'Goblin' is refusing to die down even after the show concluded recently. The engaging story is still fresh in the minds of the K-drama fans and they want to keep the memories intact by getting themselves an adorable character doll 'Boglegel' that is also known as 'Maemil-Goon' from the tvN fantasy drama. Reportedly, the doll has set record sales both in Korea and overseas.

'Boglegel' was modeled after the lead character in the said drama, Kim Shin which was played by Gong Yoo. "A project the drama's production company Hwa and Dam Pictures carried out in conjunction with doll company Bonicrew," Soompi reported.

In the drama, the doll was often seen in Kim Go Eun's possession. According to Bonicrew, as cited by Soompi, "The 'Boglegel' doll recently maxed out on its 5th series as well as over 600,000 dolls being distributed through claw machines nationwide. In addition, overseas orders from China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, North America, and more have become backed up due to overwhelming domestic and foreign order quantities."

As an answer to the undying love and affection people are continuing to show towards "Goblin", Bonicrew decided to open up pop-up stores in Seoul and it will not only contain original favorites such as 'Boglegel', his friends and the '2S candle', but also will have some limited edition goods which will be including bath accessories as well as jewelry.

In other news, during the recently held 2017 Korean Cable TV Awards, "Goblin" received some of the event's biggest awards. The tvN's "Goblin" nabbed the Best Drama award and also received the Cable VOD (Video on Demand) grand prize for the drama category.

Not only in the drama and acting categories, one of the songs from the drama was honored during the event. The OST Award was given to Ailee and her popular track "I'll Go to You Like the First Snow."

This article was first published on March 12, 2017