Goblin star Gong Yoo In likely to join Wonderland crew along with Park Bo Gum and Suzy

Kim Tae Yong is back with star-studded movie Wonderland after a long break of nine years. Gong Woo is reviewing the offer and may join with Park Bo Gum and Suzy

Gong Yoo
Gong Yoo (agency Soop Management on Facebook) Agency Soop Management on Facebook

The star-studded movie Wonderland, which is expected to be released at the end of 2020 is in the news as Goblin Star Gong Yoo In is likely to join the crew. Kim Tae Yong movie of simulated universe already has Bae Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Choi Woo Sik, Jung Yu Mi and Tang Wei in the confirmed list of actors.

Wonderland is Kim Tae Yong's first movie after Last Autumn that was released in 2011. Gong Woo's agency Management SOOP reacted to the news and confirmed that the actor has got an offer from Wonderland. But also said that Gong Woo is still considering the offer and it is not finalised.

Wonderland is a movie of a couple who are not able to meet each other due to unavoidable circumstances reuniting in a simulated universe. Park Bo Gum and Bae Suzy play a couple in their 20s and is facing difficulties because Bo Gum's character is in a coma and they cannot converse in the real world. Another couple Choi Woo Sik and Jung Yu Mi play the role of the couple who control the simulated universe.

Gong Woo (if finalised) will join Tang Wei in the movie. Gong Woo will be playing the character of a man who is dead and wants to reunite with his wife played by Tang Wei who struggles to look after their child alone. Ging Yoo is said to be considering the role (even though it is not a lead character) because of his trust on the director.

Tang Wei is director Kim Tae Yong's wife in real life. The couple got married in 2014. Gong Yoo has previously acted in movies including Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 and Train to Busan opposite Jung Yu Mi and KBS's 2012 drama Big opposite Bae Suzy. Gong Yoo is also filming for the movie Seo Bok that is also expected to release in the second half of 2020.

Kim Tae Yong is known for his movies Memento Mori released in 1999, critically acclaimed film Family Ties ( release in 2006), and the English-language remake Late Autumn (2011). Wonderland that is under pre-production now is expected to be in theatres by December 31.