Girls' Generation's Yuri to star opposite Sung Hoon in 'The Sound of Your Heart 2'

Yuri to play the role of Ae Bong in 'The Sound of Your Heart 2'

Girl's Generation's Yuri(right), Sung Hoon(left)
Girls' Generation's Yuri(right), Sung Hoon(left) Twitter

Girls' Generation member Yuri has been confirmed to be cast opposite Sung Hoon in the second season of KBS's hit web drama "Sound of Heart".

Yuri and Sung Hoon will be replacing Jung So Min and Lee Khwang Soo's in the roles that they played in the first season of the show.

The leading role of Jo Suk will be played by Sung Hoon while Yuri has been chosen for the role of Ae Bong, the lead's girlfriend.

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On January 9, the show confirmed its main cast. Veteran actress Shim Hye Jin will play Jo Suk's mother while actors Joo Jin Mo and Tae Hang Ho will play Jo Suk's father and older brother respectively.

Kross Pictures, the production company of the drama commented in a statement saying, "Because Kwon Yuri has displayed her passion as an actress and consistent acting skills through a variety of works over the years, we were certain that she would be able to take a comedic character to new heights by making a fresh transformation in 'The Sound of Your Heart 2.'"

In response to that Yuri has replied,"It's an honor to be joining the second season of a drama that was popular all over the world. I will do my utmost to portray the character of Ae Bong."

The drama, which is a remake of a webtoon by Jo Suk garnered lots of love and attention last year for its significant storytelling and characters, obtaining more than 40 million views in Korea and a total view of more than 250 million globally.

The webtoon series revolves around the story of Jo Suk's comical adventures with his girlfriend-turned-wife Ae Bong and rest of his family members.

The series will maintain a similar storyline to the original webtoon drama. The show will be broadcast around the first half of 2018, according to reports.

This article was first published on January 9, 2018