Sung Hoon replaces Lee Kwang Soo in 'Sound of Heart' second season

In the upcoming second season of "Sound of heart", actor Sung Hoon will play the role of Jo Suk in the drama.

Sung Hoon
Sung Hoon Twitter

"My Sweet Romance" actor Sung Hoon has been confirmed for the lead role in the second season of KBS's hit web drama "Sound of Heart".

Sung hoo will take the role of Jo Suk, which was previously played by Lee Kwang Soo in the first season.

Previously the production company announced that the webtoon-turned-web drama "Sound of Heart" would be returning for the second season with the title "Sound of Heart- Reboot" with a new set of cast. Jo Suk's cast confirmation was the first one to be announced, which will be played by Sung Hoon.

Other members of the new cast will be announced successively in the order.

The production company disclosed the reason for choosing Sung hoo saying, "We discovered a surprising, hidden talent behind Sung Hoon's healthy vibe and chic image. Everyone will fall for his unpredictable, loving charms."

Sung hoo also revealed in a statement that Jo Suk from "The Sound of your Heart" is a charming character and he really wanted to try out. He also added that he will completely immerse in his role and give laughter and energy to viewers.

The drama which is a remake of a webtoon by Jo Suk, received lots of love and attention this year for its significant storytelling and characters, obtaining more than 40 million views in Korea and a total view of more than 250 million views globally.

The webtoon series revolves around the story of Jo Suk's comical adventures with his girlfriend-turned-wife Ae Bong and rest of his family members.

The series will maintain a similar storyline to the original, still going webtoon drama. The filming of the second season will begin next month and will broadcast sometime in the first half of 2018.