Girls' Generation's Yoona wants to star in romantic comedy next

Yoona also had a supporting role in the hit film "Confidential Assignment" that was released last January.

Girls' Generation
(From left) Hong Jong-hyun, Yoona and Siwan Instagram

Korean pop group Girls' Generation member Yoona wants to do a romantic comedy project for her next TV series after starring in a period drama recently. Yoona is one of the group's members who has branched out into acting besides singing.

"My fans like me to play bright characters. I have recently changed my hair to a bob. So I am in the mood to try a romantic comedy for my next project," she told Yonhap News.

She and actors Im Siwan and Hong Jong-hyun starred in the Korean period drama "The King in Love" which ran for 40 episodes from July 17 to September 19.

Yoona also had a supporting role in the hit film "Confidential Assignment" that was released last January. She has been an actress since 2007 but said that there is still so much to learn when it comes to acting.

"Maybe it is because I did more singing than acting. I am still discovering new things about acting. I want more experiences," she said. She considered "Confidential Assignment" as a turning point of her acting career.

"Many people supported my performance in the movie in which I tried to show a different side of me. It was really encouraging," Yoon said.

Yoona said she's trying to prove herself as an actress since she's more known as member of Girls' Generation.

"Because we work together as a team, we had better chances, and it was quicker to accomplish things. But acting is a lone process, and it has been slow to proving myself," she said.

Siwan finished filming the drama before enlisting in the Korean military on July 11. Recently, the cast of "The King in Love" visited him in the army. Yoona earlier promised that he would visit Siwan.

"Im Siwan appeared to be as cool and energetic as ever.. He said that he was unable to watch any of 'The King Loves' because of training and such. I told him to not worry because there were many people who liked [his character] Wang Won. I don't know if it'll give him strength, but I also gave him a signed Girls' Generation CD," Yoona said.