From Becoming Teen Father to Turning Themselves in, Here Are Shocking Decisions of KDrama Actors

From Kim Seung Hyun to EXO's D.O., here are three actors who shocked theirs fans with drastic decision in the peak of their careers

Korean dramas have gained recognition internationally and have amassed fans from all over the world, especially in the Asian continent. But some actors have shocked their fans by their decisions when they were in the peak of their career.

There are many examples where actors were kicked out of the projects due to their involvement in drunken driving cases, sexual assault cases. Actor Yoon Tae Young lost his role in 100 Days My Prince due to drunken driving charges.

Lee Seo Won was left out of the cast of the drama About Time, Oh Dal Su, Kang Ji Hwan and Choi Il Hwa also were left out of dramas My Mister, Joseon Survival, and Hold Me Tight respectively as they were facing sexual harassment charges. These actors lost their roles because of their involvement in an illegal activity. But here is a list of actors who took drastic decisions on their own accord that shocked the fans.

Ju Ji Hoon, D.O. Kim Seung Hyun
Revelations by popular actors Ju Ji Hoon, EXO's D.O. and Kim Seung Hyun have shocked their fans. Instagram

1. Kim Seung Hyun

Kim Seung Hyun was popular as a teen actor. He debuted as a model in 1997. He was a high school senior when he was at the peak of his career. But the actor made revelation that his girlfriend has become pregnant when he was a teenager and that he had a daughter. The revelation was made against his parent's wish. This decision affected him badly and he lost all his acting chances.

But Seung Hyun made a decision to devote his time to be with his daughter and raise her. He took up many jobs including attending popular events to raise his daughter. He was away from the acting industry for 15 years. Incidentally, he made his comeback after one-and-a-half decade of hiatus in 2017 in a KBS2 show Mr House Husband along with his teenage daughter Kim Su-Bin.

"I have no regrets. Because of that decision, my daughter was able to grow up well," the actor said in an interview.

2. Ju Ji Hoon

Popular actor Ju Ji Hoon who is all set to star opposite Jun Ji Hyun in one of the most expected dramas of 2021, Jiri Mountain [also known as Mount Jiri], had decided to make a revelation that would have ended his career. The actor had voluntarily confessed to have taken drugs in 2009 that resulted in jail term of six months along with 1 year probation and 120 hours of volunteer work. However, when the test results arrived, it was negative.

Ju Ji Hoon could have easily gotten out of the case, but he decided to confess about taking drugs because he had done it in the past and was feeling ashamed about it. He later said that he had taken drugs two times one year ago [in 2008]. Since the tests could only detect drugs tracing back to around a year, the tests came back negative, explained his lawyer Lee Jae Man. But his honesty won over the fans who accepted him back in the entertainment industry.

3. EXO's D.O.

Do Kyung Soo popular as Kpop group EXO's D.O. took the decision of joining military despite the fact that he could have pushed it till 2021. Usually Kpop idols and actors wait till their last chance to extend the military enlistment. But the 100 Days My Prince star D.O. enlisted in the military in 2019, shocking his fans.

However, speculations are that the reason D.O. enlisted was because of his franchise agreement with Along With The Gods production team. Though the singer/actor would miss on offers for more than one year, he is said to be committed to Along With The Gods franchise that is slated to start shooting for its third installment in 2021. The first two installments of the movie were released in 2017 and 2018 respectively. D.O. is expected to be released from military service in 2021.