Girl group T-ara's Soyeon reveals how the band survived the 7-year itch

The girls are currently on a promotional tour in China and preparing for their upcoming concert.

South Korean girl group T-ara has been going strong since its debut in 2009. The band has entered into its eighth year, and the girls are still enjoying every bit of it.

During the interview with International bnt, main vocalist of the band, Soyeon, gave some insight into how they survived the 7-year itch, which is not easy to pass through. She said: "We listened to our label really well. This is something even our members acknowledge. Since we're idols, the label becomes our parents, teaches us everything, and leads us down a good road, so we just followed that."

The 28-year-old stated that her band's main focus was on music and not how to look pretty and cool. She added that the success of T-ara is because they made an effort "to put out music that a spectrum of ages could enjoy."

On asked to elaborate the future engagements of the six-member girl band, the 100 Points Out Of 100 cast member said: "We're promoting in China and we're preparing for our concert. Recently, we had a fanmeet in Japan. We're also preparing domestic promotions. Personally, I'm going to be filming a web drama starting in July."

"I'm working with great sunbaenims, so I hope a lot of people take interest," the singer added.

T-ara debuted in 2009 under MBK Entertainments. Even before their debut, the band became quite popular among fans and was given a name "Super Rookies". The members of the band were highly competent and had been training for three years prior to their launch.

T-ara is regarded as the most popular K-pop girl group in China.