Ghislaine Maxwell hired Virginia Roberts and other women for giving massages to Jeffery Epstein

Maxwell, who introduced sacked Prince Andrew to Epstein, is known to be the woman who procured underage girls for the American paedo

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of tainted publisher Robert Maxwell, has admitted that she used to recruit women masseurs for billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The British socialite's admittance came in the new court papers that were released recently. Maxwell, who introduced sacked Prince Andrew to Epstein, is known to be the woman who procured underage girls for the American paedo.

The statement given by Maxwell, whose current whereabouts are unknown, was part of the defamation suit filed by Virginia Roberts. The documents, including Maxwell's interview, were sealed after the duo had an out of court settlement.

The court ordered the release of the documents following Epstein's arrest in the sex-trafficking charges. Maxwell's extracts from the statement were released a day before Epstein committee suicide in the jail.

Maxwell hired women for Epstein from spas

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein Twitter/Jeffrey Epstein

It was revealed in the court papers that Maxwell, who was looking after Epstein's six houses, regularly hired women to massage the sexual offender once a day at his home. Maxwell has outrightly denied hiring young girls for sexual pleasing Epstein.

In a video statement submitted to the court, Maxwell said: "My job included hiring many people. There were six homes. I hired assistants, architects, decorators, cooks, cleaners, gardeners, pool people, pilots. I hired all sorts of people. A very small part of my job was to find adult professional massage therapists for Jeffrey. From time to time I would visit professional spas. I would receive a massage and if it was good I would ask them if they did home visits."

Virginia Roberts was hired as a masseur for Epstein

On her knowledge about Virginia Roberts being sexually abused by Prince Andrew, Maxwell said that it was a bunch of lies told by Roberts. "I knew Roberts was 17 when she began giving massages to Epstein at his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida."

Denying any knowledge of the number of times Roberts gave a massage to Epstein, Maxwell said: "It's important to understand that I wasn't with Jeffrey all the time. In fact, I was only in the house less than half the time, so I cannot testify to when I wasn't there how often she came."

"What I can say is that I barely would remember her, if not for all of this rubbish. 'I probably wouldn't remember her at all, except that she came from time to time. But I don't recollect her coming as often as she portrayed herself," said Maxwell during her deposition.

Denies knowledge of Epstein's sexual encounters with minors

During the proceedings, Maxwell was asked about Epstein's sexual activities involving minors when she stated that Virginia is a liar and denied everything Roberts said. She added that at the age of 17 one is allowed to be a professional masseuse and nothing inappropriate happened with her. Maxwell also denied any involvement in Epstein's carnal activities as was claimed by Roberts.