Park Bom's reply to fan who asked her show nipples will shock you

Park Bom has been away from limelight after sudden disbandment of 2NE1.

Park Bom
Park Bom was a member of YG Entertainment girl group, 2NE1 Facebook

Park Bom has proved that she will not let anyone misbehave with her. The 33-year-old singer recently gave back to a fan who crossed the line with her, during an Instagram Live broadcast.

The former member of the South Korean girl group 2NE1 was interacting with her fans, and made sure she replies to each comment posted by them. However, one fan wrote an offensive comment: "Show me your nipples."

Bom made sure she did not ignore the statement and replied: "There's no nipples. Go and see your nipples okay?"

Bom has been away from limelight after sudden disbandment of 2NE1. In January, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk, had talked about the group's split. He said: "When Gong Minzy moved to a different agency, I wanted to save 2NE1. What led to the decision to disband the group was the state of Park Bom's mental health. After 'the incident (Park Bom's drug scandal),' the criticisms we received were endless. But in addition to the stress and guilt from that, I'm sure Park Bom would have felt a strong determination to continue 2NE1. I told her, '2NE1 is important, but I wish for you to be healthy, both mentally and physically.'"

"You never know what can happen; it's possible they'll get back together like S.E.S. It may not be as long of a break [as S.E.S], but I'm thinking there'll be a day when the reunion happens," he added.

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