GFRIEND's Umji assures fans she is fine after leg injury

GFRIEND has been promoting as a five-member group in her absence.

GFRIEND's Umji is taking a break from music to concentrate on her health Facebook/Umji-G-Friend

GFRIEND's Umji has revealed that she is doing well after leg injury. The 25-year-old singer took a break from the activities due to her health.

During the first episode of G-Friend's Beloved Europe via the Naver V Live App, Umji gave an update about her health. She said: "Unfortunately, I was not able to join in the trip. Thank you to everyone who has been worrying and supporting me. Luckily, I am getting better little by little. I will return soon with a more healthier image."

"Please enjoy watching the members go on their first Europe trip!" she added.

On 5 October, the band's agency revealed that Umji will not been seen with the girl group for sometime. The statement read: "Hello, this is Source Music. Umji recently felt some pain in her leg, and after receiving the results of her examination it was found that her sartorius muscle has been strained. The sartorius is a long, thin muscle that is used when walking or using one's knees, but because it is strained it is causing pain."

"Following the doctor's advice that both rest and treatment are needed for recovery, Source Music is placing Umji's health as a first priority and focusing on her treatment. Until Umji heals, GFRIEND will be promoting as a five member group with Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, and SinB," the announcement stated.