Ben Affleck desperately wants to win back Jennifer Garner

They announced their divorce in a joint statement on 30 June 2015.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have remained close despite their split Reuters

Ben Affleck reportedly wants to work on his relationship with estranged wife, Jennifer Garner. The two have remained close, though they announced their divorce in a joint statement on 30 June 2015 — a day after their tenth wedding anniversary.

According to Radar Online, the Argo star wants to reconcile with the 44-year-old actress. A source said: "Ben's 'non-separation' from Jen is buying time so he can implement his 'Win Back Jen' plot."

The insider added that the first part of his strategy was "convincing her to go on a real date with him which was a huge coup and they had a wonderful evening."

"They've stopped fighting and are in a great place where they're communicating effectively. Ben's also getting huge brownie points for all the daddy time he's giving the kids, despite the crazy hours he works," the source said.

"The biggest trick up his sleeve is his plans to involve Jen in his movie making, even starring in a film together — something she's always wanted, but he's always refused. He's determined to win her back and is prepared to play a slow and steady game to make it happen," the insider continued.

The duo have praised each other in public despite their break-up. Previously, Affleck had talked about his successful co-parenting with Garner. He told E! Online: "I was doing math homework last night. When I'm there, you're stuck with your parents helping you with your homework. Jen [Garner]'s very good at math [too]. So far, my eldest kid is in fifth grade and they haven't passed me yet. But I feel like in seventh or eighth grade I'm going to start worrying that they're going to lose me."

Affleck continued: "It's important to be involved with your kids' schoolwork so you know what's going on and what they're doing and what you're supposed to be supporting and going to school nights."