'Get the F**k Off B***h': Avril Lavigne Confronts Topless Protester During Juno Awards Speech [WATCH]

Simu Liu, the show's host, commended Lavigne for handling the unexpected circumstance at the conclusion of the program.

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne had an awkward moment when a topless protester crashed the stage while she speaking at the Juno Awards. However, Lavigne tackled the topless woman flashing her boobs in her own style. "Get the f**k off, b***h," Lavigne told the topless protester, who was later escorted by a guard.

Simu Liu, who was hosting the Juno Awards, too joined in Lavigne and ended the two-hour broadcast from Edmonton's Rogers Place with these immortal lines: "Sorry for the boobs." However, the video of the topless woman protester flaunting her boobs has since gone viral and fans of Lavine are applauding her for handling the situation tactfully.

Unexpected Interruption

The incident happened at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, on Monday night, when the 38-year-old hitmaker was introducing Canadian-Punjabi artist AP Dhillon when the topless environmentalist avoided security and managed to get on stage.

"I'm introducing an artist who's blown up on the global music scene with the new wave of R&B, hip hop and pop records, fused..." she said, as the woman wearing pink sweatpants and a matching headscarf unexpectedly entered the stage. She also had some scribbled slogans on her back and arms.

topless protester
The protester seen topless and making gestures as Avril Lavigne went on with her speech Twitter

The TV broadcast did not show a close-up of the interloper but those in attendance said the woman had inscriptions like "save the green belt," "stop logging old growth now," and "land back" inscribed on her arms and back, while her boobs were covered with heart-shaped pasties. The Canadian native initially disregarded the woman and carried on speaking.

topless protester
The topless protester seen flaunting her breasts as Avril Lavigne continued with her speech at the Juno Awards Twitter

However, when the protester circled Lavigne with her arms outstretched in the devil salute while staring out at the audience, Lavigne turned around and stared directly at her. She had been speaking about the Victoria, British Columbia-based Dhillon according to the script. "Get the fuck off. Get the f**k off b***h," she said and by then security had arrived on stage to escort the protester away.

Keeping Her Cool

The Juno Awards, given by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, are known as Canada's answer to the Grammy Awards and honor the best musicians in the nation. Later, when she received the night's last award, Lavigne made reference to the incident.

topless protester
The topless protester was later identified as 37-year-old Vancouver resident Casey Hatherly Twitter

She began her speech with a joking caution as she accepted the fan choice award for the fourth time in her career. "Now, nobody try anything this time, or the Canadian is going to come out of me, and I'll f--- up a b----," Lavigne joked.

c The actor from "Shang-Chi and the Tale of the Ten Rings" remarked, "Give her an award for managing the topless lady like a champion.

topless protester
The topless protester was later escorted out of the venue by the security Twitter

Canadian outlet CBC reported that the protester, later identified as 37-year-old Vancouver resident Casey Hatherly, was charged with mischief Tuesday.

Hatherly was reportedly opposed to government plans to build on some of Southern Ontario's Greenbelt, a protected area.

In a statement to Entertainment Tonight Canada, a representative of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences addressed the situation.

Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne at the Juno Awards Twitter

"The Juno Awards is a celebration of Canadian music and the artists who make it. We take every step to avoid interruptions to our program, but there are always risks with live events and broadcasts. We hope tonight's brief disruption doesn't take away from the accomplishments of this year's performers, winners and nominees."

The Weeknd was the major winner at the Junos despite not being there. The musician won the album of the year prize for his 2022 release "Dawn FM," which was met with boos from the audience, according to CBC.

In addition, he shared second place in the history of the Junos Opening Night Awards with Bryan Adams after taking home four prizes.