German World Cup Winner Andreas Brehme Faces Embarrassing Moment after He Accidently Films Topless Wife During Birthday Video Message to Fan [WATCH]

The supporter could see his wife almost naked with her boobs on full display in front of the camera.

German World Cup champion Andreas Brehme was left embarrassed by his half-naked wife during a birthday video message to a fan. Brehme was sending a personalized video message to one of his fans when he was inadvertently interrupted by his wife who was topless. The hilarious moment left the former German defender red-faced.

The video has since gone viral with social media users taking a dig at Brehme for the unintentional gaffe. However, there are many who have also defended Brehme saying that he may not be tech-savvy which led to the embarrassing moment.

Left Embarrassed in Front of Fans

Andreas Brehme
Andreas Brehme while recording the birthday video message Twitter

Brehme, who scored the game-winning goal in West Germany's World Cup victory over Argentina in 1990, sent a video birthday card to a fan this week, wishing him or her many more happy years.

As the video begins, the 62-year-old can be seen facing the camera, but shortly he heard a disturbance to his right.

Susanne Brehme
Andreas Brehme's wife Susanne seen topless in front of the camera Twitter

Brehme was initially confused about where the sound was coming from and accidentally pointed the phone's camera in the direction of his topless wife as she entered the room while turning to look for answers.

Nevertheless, one of his paying clients received more than they anticipated when, towards the conclusion of their one-minute clip, Susanne Brehme made a surprise appearance. Susanne had come into the room wearing nothing but her underwear.

The supporter could see his wife almost naked with her boobs on full display in front of the camera. The incident happened so fast that Brehme didn't even realize that the phone's camera was still on.

Andreas Brehme
The moment Andreas Brehme turns toward his half-naked wife without realizing that the camera was recording her Twitter

However, when the former German star realized that the camera was still on and the fan could see his topless wife standing in front of him, who was visibly upset.

Taking It Lightly

Brehme quickly flipped the camera back around and then quickly covered up the hilarious moment.

Andreas Brehme
Andreas Brehme Twitter

The 62-year-old, who is presumably not very tech adept, probably was unaware that he had not only turned the camera to see her naked chest but also failed to remove it from the video.

Soon, the video went viral on social media, but fortunately, both Brehme and Sussane, 56, took it in good humor. Brehme told Bild: "We only realized it when more and more friends called.

"Now the whole world knows what a great wife I have! Shouldn't have happened, but I can laugh at myself. In the future, I'd better let Susanne film."

Susanne added: "That was last summer on vacation at Lake Garda. But what's up? So you can see me changing on the beach. Or in the sauna. We laugh about it and I tease Andy, my social media expert."