German Schoolgirls Kill 12-Year-Old Classmate in Woods After She Complained to a Teacher that They were Bullying Her

Two schoolgirls stabbed their 12-year-old classmate to death in a case that has shocked all of Germany.

The two killers, aged 12 and 13, allegedly posted a sick video of themselves dancing on TikTok the day after they had stabbed their victim to death.

Suspects Confessed to Stabbing Over 30 Times

Luise (left) and police looking for evidence around the area where her body was found. Twitter

The victim, named only as Luise because of Germany's strict privacy laws, went missing last Saturday afternoon after leaving a friend's house near Freudenberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia in the nation's west. Her body was found the following day in a wooded area not far from her home. Police have confirmed that she was stabbed more than 30 times with a small knife.

The two girls, who knew Luise, confessed to the crime after making statements to the police, said Florian Locker, head of Koblenz police's homicide department. However, due to German laws regarding criminal responsibility, they cannot be held criminally accountable for their actions as they are under the age of 14.

An Act of Revenge

Although Luise had been friends with the two girls, reports suggest that they had fallen out prior to the incident. German newspaper Bild reported that the two girls set upon their victim in an act of "revenge" after she told a teacher that they were bullying her.

The older suspect is said to have been in the same class as Luise, who attended the same school as both suspects. Luise went visited the 13-year-old's house on the day she was killed and was joined there by the other 12-year-old.

The three girls were later spotted walking into the nearby woods, but Luise did not return to the older girl's house with them afterwards. The younger suspect was later picked up by her father.

Luise's parents reported her missing after she failed to return home. They had received phone calls from the older suspect who claimed Luise had started making her way home at 5.30pm, and that she had said she would call her when she got back.

As Luise had failed to call, the 13-year-old allegedly called her several times as she was "worried" about her, while she knew where Luise really was: stabbed and left to die in the woods.

Alleged Killers Posted a TikTok Dance Video, Pleaded for Help to Find Luise in Another Post

Dorothea Schupelus, a journalist at the German broadcaster WELT, claims she found a TikTok dance video which had been posted by one of the suspects the day after the murder.

The shameless pair also allegedly posted a video pleading for help to find Luise on Saturday after she had been "missing since 5pm," knowing exactly where the schoolgirl's body would be found after they stabbed her to death.

The girls' social media accounts are offline now, a police spokesperson said on Friday, March 17. Despite their profiles not being active anymore, especially the 13-year-olds' videos have been posted by other users, as well as screenshots of the videos where she is 'concerned' for her friend or dancing the day after stabbing Luise.