German gamer sets world record by streaming 595 hours in a month, or 19 hours and 50 minutes a day

Seanstream has set a world record by streaming a whopping 595 hours in just a month

Gaming is a crazy world, and nothing seems impossible in it. Gamers touch peaks what seemed impossible earlier. A German player called Seanstream has set a world record by streaming a whopping 595 hours in just a month. Which means he streamed roughly 19 hours and 50 minutes a day.

The number may seem outrageous to many, but a die-hard gamer would find it's amazing. Because a competitor of Seanstream also excelled for the same last month. But he was beaten by Seanstream with a hairline margin. Dubbed Giantwaffle aka Andrew Bodine, the American gamer broadcasted 570 hours of a gaming session in Twitch in November 2019.

But, Seanstream and the American Andrew "GiantWaffle" Bodine were not aware of each other. Still, they both decided to stream with a target of 570 hours to beat the earlier champion JayBigs. JayBig streamed 569 hours and set a world record earlier. Besides ItsArmand streamed 566 hours, Edison Park 541 hours and Zizaran streamed a crazy 506.5 hours.

Andrew "GiantWaffle" Bodine while streaming in Twitch Kotaku

Three months of hard work

In an earlier interview with Kotaku, Andrew "GiantWaffle" Bodine mentioned, that he set the goal three months earlier. He reduced his sleeping time while switching on to a more healthier diet. The 26-year-old gamer has also adjusted his "off-stream life to a minimum," and trained himself to get his circadian rhythm fixed to the new stressful gaming schedule. However, he found the number of subscribers and viewing hours jumped four to ten times during the marathon session.

Seansstream, the new champ

Despite GiantWaffles deadly efforts, Seansstream beat him because of having a lead of 23 hours ahead of him. However, he was not aware of the ongoing competition. He played to set his score high in the history of Twitch. However, GiantWaffles had experienced an average number of viewers counting of 5,085, which is way higher than Seansstream's average number of viewers, which is 255.

German gamer Seanstream sets world record for streaming highest hours of gaming in a month Kotaku