Georgia Subway Restaurant Under Fire Over 'Distasteful' Sign Referring to Titan Disaster

Subway restaurant sign
The sign outside the Subway store read "Our subs don't implode," alluding to the Titan disaster. Twitter

A Subway sandwich restaurant in the US has been slammed after posting a roadside ad that took aim at the Titan submersible disaster.

The store in Rincon, Georgia was forced to remove the sign after it was widely criticised.

'Our Subs Don't Implode'

"Our subs don't implode," the sign read.

A store manager reportedly told locals news outlet that the sign has been removed.

"We have been in contact with the franchise about this matter and made it clear that this kind of comment has no place in our business," a Subway representative said.

Five people lost their lives in the disaster after the submarine imploded during its descent to the deep sea to view the wreck of the Titanic last month.

Social Media Reactions

But many social media users made their displeasure known after photos of the Subway ad began to circulate online

"@SUBWAY this is at your store in Rincon, GA. Not only is it distasteful, it's just sad. Do better," one person wrote.

"This is what we are doing now? Making fun of people who lost their lives," asked another.

Another said it was in "horrible taste" and questioned the wisdom of the ad amidst the fast food giant's ongoing attempts to reinvent itself.

Presumed human remains were recovered from the wreckage of the Titan submersible last week, the US Coast Guard has said.

Medical professionals will formally analyse the remains which are understood to have been found within the debris from the sea floor at the site of the deep-sea vessel's fatal implosion, which killed five people.

British adventurer Hamish Harding and father and son Shahzada and Suleman Dawood were killed on board the vessel near the wreckage of the Titanic, alongside OceanGate Expeditions' chief executive, Stockton Rush, and French national Paul-Henri Nargeolet.