Georgia Official Claimed She was Drugged After Being Found Passed Out Outside Bar but Police Find 'No Evidence' to Support Her Claim

Felicia Franklin
Felicia Franklin (left) was found passed out outside the 404 Sports Bar & Grill last month. YouTube

Clayton County Commissioner Felicia Franklin has found herself at the center of a controversy after she said she was drugged at a Morrow bar in September.

Now there are calls for her resignation after the Morrow Police Department issued a statement saying there was no concrete evidence to support her allegations.

Toxicology Report Found Alcohol, Cannabis in Franklin's System but Police Say Nobody Tampered with Her Drinks

In a Facebook post on Oct. 1, Franklin posted: "It is believed by medical professionals that I was drugged with a gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) pill more commonly known as the 'date rape pill,' and this incident has shaken me to my core."

"We have found no evidence to support that she was in fact drugged with GHB," Sgt. Scott Stewart told FOX 5. Police shared surveillance and body camera footage. Video shows Franklin walking alone into the 404 Sports Bar & Grill. Police say Franklin ordered several drinks.

"She had probably 3.5 drinks to 4 drinks, then a swig of a beer," Stewart said. Investigators say they could not find evidence of anyone tampering with her drinks. But they say a toxicology report found something else in her system.

"She refused a blood test, but she did have a urinalysis, and it showed positive for cannabinoids, also known as cannabis," Stewart said.

'She was Apparently Intoxicated'

Video footage obtained by Fox 5 shows Franklin walking out of the bar and sitting on bench. "She was apparently intoxicated," Stewart said. She slumped off the bench moments later.

Police say the vice chair was lying in a puddle of clear liquid. The police report indicates she appeared to have urinated on herself. Emergency crews put her on stretcher. Franklin grew visibly agitated, then she vomited.

Bar Issues Statement

The sports bar says posted the following statement on Facebook:

"We assure you that the safety and well-being of our patrons have always been and will continue to be our top priority. The recent police investigation was an unfortunate and unforeseen event, but we are grateful for the swift response and thorough investigation conducted by the authorities. We are pleased to inform you that the matter has been resolved."