Gay Singer Kwon Do Woon Breaks Up With His Boyfriend 3 Days After Making Relationship Public

Trot singer Kwon Do Woon had ended his two-week relationship with his boyfriend due to prying of media.

Trot singer Kwon Do Woon, who had revealed his boyfriend to the public, has announced that he has broken up with him. The couple broke just after three days of making their relationship public. Singer Do Woon released a statement in this regard and said coming out in the public led to overwhelming interest into his now ex-boyfriend's personal life, leading both to end their relationship.

The singer's ex-boyfriend is not a celebrity and the attention from media was too much to deal with. Do Woon took to Instagram to announce his separation and said, even if it was for a short period, he was thankful to fans for showing support to his relationship.

Kwon Do Woon
Trot singer Kwon Do Woon has come out as a gay. Instagram

Reason for Breakup

"I met my boyfriend, who is five years younger than me, by chance and we started our loving relationship about two weeks ago. However, after the reports of our romantic relationship and the excessive interest in the personal lives of us and our acquaintances, my boyfriend had a hard time dealing with that, and for a short time, we naturally drifted apart. Unfortunately, we decided to separate as we thought it would be the best for each other," Do Woon wrote.

"We are still supporting each other and believe that as much as it hurts, we will both mature from this. Although it was a short time, I sincerely thank you for supporting my relationship. As a singer, I promise I will return to my original position and greet you with good music," the singer said.

Reports claim that ever since Do Woon revealed that he had a boyfriend, some of the media outlets were trying to find out more details about his partner. They were being photographed constantly. Do Woon had made his relationship public, but had not revealed the identity of his boyfriend. On May 14, Kwok Do Woon had told that he wanted to let people know that even after coming out, he was living a normal life, just like everyone else, and so had decided to make his relationship public.

AllKpop had revealed that he had first asked permission from his boyfriend, who was 5 years younger than him before making the relationship public. "When I asked him if I could make the relationship public, he said, 'I think not going public might actually offend me more. If you didn't go public, I might have been more jealous.' He agreed that as long as I was not revealing his identity (as the individual is a non-celebrity), he would be grateful to have the relationship made public," Do Woon had said.

Do Woon had come out as a gay in October 2020. He has told LGBT people who are dreaming of being singers, "I want to become someone that you can feel a sense of kinship with and give you strength."