BIZARRE: Dad Sends his Sex Tape with Another Man to his Daughter by Accident

'My heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach,' the woman wrote in a Reddit post.

A woman turned to the internet for advice after a bizarre experience she had to endure. In an accidental turn of events, the woman's father ended up sending his gay porn video to her. The woman took to Reddit to talk about her experience and said she felt sick in the stomach after watching the clip.

The woman noted in her post that her dad, 59, and her mom, 59, who were married for 27 years got divorced four years ago. The dad moved to another town nearby and started living with two younger men.

According to DailyStar, some time ago, the woman discovered that her father was in a relationship with one of the younger men he lived with. "I made this discovery on accident and I didn't mention it to my dad, I am pretty sure he knows I know, though," she wrote.

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'My heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach'

The woman further said she was extremely shocked but as it was fine as long as her father was happy. Talking about the incident, she said that she got the clip when she was visiting her in-laws during a vacation, but she only got to see it later.

"When I sat down to look, it was a video of his roommate performing oral sex on him. My heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach," she said, adding that it was 'deeply disturbing' as 'no one wants to see their parent like that.'

'Oh no forget what you saw'

The woman then immediately called her brother, 26, who she had already told about their father. Her brother advised her not to reply to the text. About 40 minutes later she received a text from her father saying 'oh no forget what you saw.'

"I told him I already deleted it and I love him and I already knew he was in a relationship with his roommate. He brushed it off, apologized, and asked me how my day was going," she said.

She concluded the post on Reddit by adding that she is not sure if she can ever have the same relationship with her dad again and is worried 'things will be very uncomfortable between them going forward.'