Who is Kactus Kutie? OnlyFans Model Sells her Pee at $71 a Jar; Posts Videos of herself Peeing

The model revealed that customers use her pee for different purposes including making a popsicle.

A former OnlyFans content creator Kactus Kutie made a fortune by selling her pee in a jar. She would film herself peeing and then sell the pee for $71 a jar. A former professional photographer, Kutie started making adult content in 2016. She made her first video peeing by a creek, which resulted in a lot of requests from fans for similar videos.

Kactus Kutie told Daily Star that her first video was the 'catalyst' for 'people ordering pee customs.' "I peed in bikinis, underwear, overalls, trash cans, flower vases, outdoors, and so much more," she said.

She also revealed that people used her pee for different purposes including making a popsicle. Apart from selling her pee, she also films herself peeing so the customers can see the process themselves.

Kactus Kutie
Kactus Kutie Screen grab - Instagram/Kactus Kutie

Kactus Kutie's OnlyFans account is suspended

In January 2022, Kactus Kutie updates her fans that her OnlyFans would be suspended due to a violation of the platform's Terms of Service. She noted that he used to make her living from OnlyFans and urged her fans to follow her on other platforms like Instagram and Fansly. "Onlyfans was 1/2 my income," she tweeted.

Kutie noted that she usually drinks two giant cups of tea and a cup of water prior to filming her 'peeing content.' Her videos consist of her peeing in different positions for five to ten minutes. Kutie stated that she is well aware that holding in her pee could prove to be dangerous for her health but she only does it a few times a month.

Kactus Kutie
Kactus Kutie Screen grab - Instagram/Kactus Kutie

The model has a 'steel' bladder

Kutie further noted that shooting 'peeing video' outdoors not only makes her followers happy but also gives her a thrill. She said that a 'steel' bladder can pee for a really long time. Kutie sells her pee at $71 a jar. She also offers discounts to customers who wish to buy larger volumes. The adult content creator's Instagram boasts 27K followers while her Twitter has more than 35K followers.