Gary's Running Man guest appearance to reveal a 'great secret': Is the rapper engaged to Song Ji-hyo?

Gary will return to Running Man for a special episode on January 29.

Gary_Running Man
Gary Kang and Song Ji-hyo in 'Running Man.'

Gary will return very soon to Running Man in an upcoming episode, as part of the 'Member's Week' special that is currently running. It is being reported that this appearance will also lead to the revelation of some dramatic secret that might shake things up a bit for the other members and the viewers. Also, the members will be dressing up as fictional characters.

As noted by website Yibada from a report in Koreaherald (Kpop Herald), a representative of SBS's 'Running Man' told local reporters that when Gary returns to 'Running Man' some "dramatic twist" will reveal a "great secret" on the January 29 episode. "There will be dramatic twist and great secret added to the episode," the SBS official was quoted as saying.

However, the official chose to stay silent about what that secret will be. "The episode will be airing in two weeks, so we can't give you any further details about it." In fact, none of the other 'Running Man' cast members knew that Gary, who left in November, last year, would return before filming of the episode began. It was no doubt a pleasant surprise for all of them.

Could the secret be about a potential engagement of Gary and Song Ji-hyo in real life, or their marriage plans? Remember, the episode has already been filmed and the secret revealed to the cast and crew of the variety show. If that is the case, then the show's fans would have a blast, needless to say.

The 'Running Man' members, reports Soompi, will also engage in a battle of superpowers with each member dressing up as fictional heroes and superheroes. Yoo Jae-suk will reprise his Yoo-mes (James) Bond character and will hunt other members' tags with his signature water gun. Lee Kwang-soo will be 'Kwang-vatar (Avatar),' and will go out on the streets and complete missions. Kim Jong-kook will be Thor, Ji Suk-jin will dress up as Sherlock Holmes. As for Ji-hyo, she seems dressed as Marvel's Black Widow. The will be a surprise appearance of a person who will come with their 'Lol-lol Clones.' Will that person be Gary?

Song Ji-hyo and singer Gary Kang were the beloved 'Monday Couple' on the show before Gary's departure to concentrate on his music career. The two were often linked together, especially by fans who still ship them. Throughout their episodes, Gary and Song Ji-hyo showed immense fondness for each other which made fans speculate. Now that he is back, the speculations are bound to continue.

Song Ji-hyo who is the only female host of 'Running Man' has also been linked with Kim Jong-kook, by virtue of fortune telling. However, he had a successful blind date recently with a non-celebrity, so he is safely out of the equation. All members of the show are quite protective of her, Lee Kwang-soo especially, who calls Ji-hyo his "real older sister."

Now that 'Running Man' won't end in February, will Gary stay with 'Running Man' or is it just a one-and-done thing? We'll have to wait and watch.

This article was first published on January 28, 2017