Ganesh on moon? Another finding by conspiracy theorist goes viral (VIDEO)

Alien with breathing tube spotted on Moon
Alien with breathing tube spotted on Moon Screengrab from YouTube

Conspiracy theory channel 'Streetcap1' has posted a video on YouTube that apparently features an alien-like figure lying down on the lunar surface. According to the YouTube channel, the alien in the video has a breathing tube attached to its mouth. Streetcap1 also revealed that the object was spotted from photographs taken by Chinese space probe 'Chang'e 3'.

The narrator of the video also figured out the head and foot of the alien. Even though the clip features an alien-like body in the surface of the moon, the conspiracy theory channel did not rule out the possibility of this object being a rock.

The new finding has strongly convinced the viewers of 'Streetcap1', and they believe that alien life is real, and the moon is home to an advanced extra-terrestrial civilization.

"Notice the elongated head. The breathing tube kinda resembles an elephant trunk kinda like the Hindu God Ganesh with the body of a human and the head of an elephant. Ancient alien?," commented a YouTube user named Rudy Bee.

Another YouTube user named Mark Walker assured that the discovered alien body is not a rock, as it has too many curves with definite edges.

"Great work streetcap1, just a thought if you position it back to landscape it kinda looks like a huge scorpion, claws where you say the foot and gun is and the tail and stinger where you say breathing tube is but yes I could also see your view as well but I don't think it's a rock due to too many curves with straight defined edges. Great work though," posted Mark Walker.

This is not the first time that 'Streetcap1' is posting anomalies on the lunar and Martian surface. Previously, the channel has spotted pyramid-like structures on Mars. The channel has also exposed the pictures of buildings on the lunar surface.

Check out the video below: